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Checked out a User Group lately?

I had the opportunity to meet with some really fun professionals and join my colleague Kevin Lightle (also a lot of fun!) at our User Group Meeting yesterday, hosted by The Arc of Schuyler in Watkins Glen, New York.   If you haven’t attended one of our user groups before, you’re missing out on a great afternoon! Don’t let the name fool you, while these are very informative sessions that are chock full of module demonstrations and as many answers (and more likely more questions) that we at Therap can provide, you won’t spend the day discussing a billion and one uses for t-logs… Attendees from The Arc of Schuyler and Ontario ARC joined in to share their experiences as they took the leap to using Therap.   It was a great opportunity to hear what others were doing to meet regulations, adapt new policies, and there isn’t any better motivator to make the transition than to hear from another agency that you’re not the only one doing it!

Much thanks to Jason Santobianco at The Arc of Schuyler for hosting and putting together such a productive afternoon. The not-so-secret fact of the matter is that these sessions are as vital for us to hear from agencies and your experiences and suggestions as it is for you to hear about the newest and latest at Therap.  So if you’re interested in attending an upcoming user group meeting, check out the following links to attend in New York, or to join in on informative phone-hosted groups in New Mexico and Missouri:

Click here for a schedule of NY User Group meetings in 2011
Click here for a phone-hosted meeting for agencies in Missouri
Click here for an upcoming phone-hosted user group Q&A discussion concerning the new Therap requirements for New Mexico

And if you ever get the chance to take a day trip, Watkins Glen is a really pretty village to get in a few snapshots and enjoy some of the local vineyards.   Now if I can just break in my blogging shoes and figure out how to upload photos…

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