Unfortunately, Internet Explorer 6 cannot yet work with RSS feeds. You might end up seeing some code which is not what you want.

Here’s what you can do:

Use one of the following RSS readers listed under our Feed section to view RSS feeds – Google Reader, My Yahoo!, myAOL or Bloglines. These will keep track of the feeds online and you will have to login into their service to access them. If you have Gmail, you can use your existing account for Google Reader. The same for Yahoo! and AOL respectively. You will find our Feed section on the right panel.

You can also view RSS feeds using free web based RSS feed management providers like Feedburner. The URL for our RSS feed is given below.
URL: http://www.therapservices.net/blog/support/?feed=rss

You could also download and use a desktop RSS reader. Some of the popular names of such readers are – RSS Bandit, Omea Reader etc.