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Therap, the One Stop Shop by Tomeka Ray

Therap’s innovativeness has helped bring charting and documentation to the 21st century. Therap allows you to document everything in realtime on a daily basis. Staff and clinicians can access records and data from almost anywhere that has internet access. Families, guardians, attorneys can review progression of ISP goals and gain insight of the activities their family member is involved in. Tracking has been made easy when it comes to incidents and behavioral occurrences in real-time. Reports have been made readily accessible and there is no more inaccurate percentages when it comes to data. The personal inventory tab is the best. Therap allows you to document the personal belongings for all persons being served. Therap allows you to update it as changes occur. Therap provides assistance with finances and provides up to date balances once all the required info is entered. Receipts and pictures can be uploaded as proof of purchases made. Billing for services was also solidified and makes attendance easier to track at the end of each month. Waiver authorizations can be entered and sends a tickler that the end date is approaching. Each person has their own Facebook page where photos can be uploaded. The only thing that is missing is a camera in the home that shows the supports being provided in the homes. Some may see this as invasive and a violation of the person’s privacy. There is not a whole lot one can do in Therap. Just see for yourself…..

Introductions by Stan Higgins

I want to introduce myself as one of the newer Certified Trainers.  My name is Stan Higgins.  I am Executive Director at Oaks of Hebron in Sonoma County, CA.

We have been using Therap at Oaks for the past 2 years and are excited about the way it has helped our agency record and track information.  We’re also very thankful that we started using Therap particularly to record service hours for our Supported Living services since we are being asked to submit increasingly detailed data to our Regional Center.  It’s is becoming pretty easy to generate time and data reports.

Several other agencies are joining the ranks up here in the North Bay.  I look forward to interacting with many more of you soon.

It’s my Life Conference by Tonya Klein

Hello All!

Well this year instead of a whole Therap centered conference, Nebraska had an It’s My Life conference with lots of guest speakers, entertainment and of course the guys from Therap. Let me tell you it was a great conference. I just missed seeing all of everyone from Therap!

Anyways I know that there is a lot of work to be done by everyone when it comes to billing on Therap but I can’t wait to get this rolling out. Then to have all of the Service Coordinators start using the ISP Plans on Therap and everything will be able to be linked and done even quicker. It was really great to hear from the Western part of Nebraska Service Coordinators as they have been piloting these things for a while and from what I hear everything is going well and is really liked.

Otherwise things have been pretty quiet around here just still finding new things to do every day. Hope you all are trying some new things on Therap as well. Little bits at a time make things easier! :)

Have a good one!

“I have access to my money.” by Tomeka Ray

Therap allows the persons we serve to have access to their accounts. It allows them to track their spending and record their balances monthly. They get all of this in real-time. This feature is located under the individual tab and it’s called Personal transactions. The persons I support carry bankcards and they either carry them on their person or it is stored in their secured safe in their home. It allows the staff that support the person to record the transaction, upload the receipt and record what was purchased in detail. Some of my people have purchased Ipads, boomboxes, keyboards and etc. Photos are also taken as proof that the item is in the person’s possession. Then it is also recorded under the personal inventory section under the same tab. The guys love pulling out their bankcards and making purchases, especially when they are shopping for clothes. I tell you, they love looking good. Trust when it’s time to leave the home, they (the higher functioning) always say, “I got my money.” The challenge is making sure that staff don’t let others leave home without their money. One of my guys tells me all the time, “I always have my money and I keep my card in my wallet. I can keep it better than the staff; they lose stuff.” And you know what? I believe him. Let’s ensure all our people have access to their money!

One Page Profiles by Cheryl Rohlf

The Learning Community for Person Centered Practices is one of my all time favorite resources. The resources/tools are all about people, for and with people. Tools that give an organized format to use good common sense to support people.

One such tool, that is so very versatile is the One Page Profile. So many uses in so many enviroments. I ran across this video specific to creating a one page profile for people who to not use words to communicate. Check it out for yourself!

One Page Profiles

I love, love the sites they have out there:








Learning Community for Person Centered Practices FB


Hope you find them as exciting as I do!

Technology is a tool by Kari Schultz

Bill Gates once stated, “Technology is just a tool.  In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important.”

I believe this to be very true, but not just with teachers; supervisors and upper management are like teachers are also responsible for working together and motivating and getting employees working together.  I read an article last week about how do you really know if you are a good leader; and the response to that was you really don’t know if you are a good leader or not, it is the people that you lead that determines if you are a good leader or not.  You can certainly work hard a leadership qualities, but according to the article by Bill Koza “Being a Good Leader is NOT Up To You. “  “How do you know?”

Click here for a link to the full article.

Why struggle? by Lori Sojka

A point that I stress to our present agency staff at all times, and to new staff at orientation, is to never struggle with obtaining information from Therap. For some reason I work with some rebels who feel that they can “conquer” Therap on their own. First of all, there is no conquering, as Therap is an easy system to navigate and secondly I ask them why are you wasting time? I had a Residential Manager call me and said with much exasperation ” I can’t find finance info I need and I have been looking for it for 2 hours!”  She had misplaced her instructions.  I instructed her on the process again  and the information that she was looking for was obtained within one minute. When I asked her why she didn’t call me in the first place her answer was, “I didn’t want to bother you.”

I tell my staff that my job is to guide them through Therap and that they should always bother me if they have a question. What I am trying to say is that there is a lot of useful information that is easily obtained through Therap; you just have to know where it is, so ask your Provider Administrator, a Certified Trainer, Therap Customer Service, etc…We are all here to help.  Solutions can be given within minutes, you just have to ask.

Who are you? by sbuffum

Whenever I do a presentation I like to start with 2 things:

1. Announce the presentation title and the time frame.

This gives me a familiar place to start thereby getting me to a calmer, less nervous state. It also gives those in the audiance a chance to get up and leave if they are in the wrong room–it happens.

2. I get a feel for my audience by asking general questions about their experience in the area I am about to present.

This gives me a chance to change my agenda to better meet their needs, or to tell the few they may be in the wrong presentation. Nothing like training at the very basic level of a subject only to find out your audience is at the expert level. At this point I know if I should fall back, move forward or turn the presentation into a Q&A amongst the experts in the audience.

Since this is my first blog I thought I would start the same way I start a presentation (OK I have to skip #1 because I have no title or time frame) but good grief the nerves are still there! So I go to #2 and ask……WHO ARE YOU?

Who are the folks that read these blogs? What are your expectations from these blogs? OK that was getting to psyche-like. So just one queston….Who are you?

I am Sue Buffum. RN. 2nd year Therap user and first time blogger. Whew…first step done.

Inaugural Post! by Sue Cole

Just stopping by to post my first blog (better late than never)! I can’t believe it will be a year, next month, that my partner in crime (the other California Sue) and I became certified trainers while attending the Anaheim Regional Conference. Looking forward to the next Anaheim Regional Conference in a couple of weeks!

Congratulations, Sonya! by Kristen Thompson

Here is an article regarding one of our staff!


Celebrate Direct Support Professionals (DSP) Recognition Week

DSPs Making a Difference: Sonya Mowles



As part of DSP Recognition Week, FADSP is pleased to recognize direct support professionals (DSPs) who are making a meaningful difference in the lives of the people they serve.  Sonya Mowles is one of those DSPs.

Sonya Mowles has been a Central Florida Communities (Washington Square) employee for 24 years and currently serves as a Direct Support Professional Supervisor.  She began her employment in 1990 as a Direct Support Professional as her first job.


After she began caring for the individuals of Washington Square her position became much more than just a job to her.  Sonya showed immediate interest in ways to increase each resident’s personal growth and potential by providing input for their annual assessments, suggesting possible new training programs and goals, and advocating issues important for meeting each individual’s needs and preferences.  She quickly recognized the unique abilities that each resident possessed and continually sought to expand the possibilities for the individuals who we serve.  Sonya’s excellent performance as a DSP was noticed by her supervisors and she was selected to become a trainer for other new DSPs and to fill in as Acting Duty Administrator in the absence of the Residential Manager.

In 1996, an opportunity to apply for the position of Direct Support Professional Supervisor (DSPS) was presented and Sonya was an ideal candidate.  Since that time, Sonya has been a DSPS for day shift and her dedication continues to be evident to all who witness her interactions with the residents and staff.  She never hesitates to go above and beyond to ensure each and every individual’s needs are met and they are treated with respect and equality in all areas of their life.  Despite having a busy family life outside of Washington Square, Sonya can frequently be found staying after her shift to help out wherever she is needed.  She often comes in on her days off to help ensure the residents look their best for various facility functions and attends community inclusion outings to help ensure person-centered supports are met.  Annually, Sonya volunteers to attend Camp with the residents because she truly enjoys seeing their excitement when they participate in swimming and other outdoor activities that are offered.  She serves on CFC’s Morale Committee and participates in every themed “spirit day” with a positive disposition that is evident to everyone around her.  During her 24 years at Washington Square, Sonya has been nominated by the staff and residents as Employee of the Quarter on numerous occasions and has twice been awarded this recognition.  She is a positive role model for her staff and has received numerous memos of appreciation from various departments for her willingness to be a team player and go above and beyond.

Sonya is known for her kind, patient, and professional demeanor and she continues to be respected and well loved by the residents, families/guardians, and her co-workers.  Her on-going commitment and dedication truly makes a difference in the lives of the individuals who reside at Washington Square.

Thank you Sonya for your continued service to the individuals served at Central Florida Communities!

Florida ARF

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Tallahassee, FL  32301

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