A Day in The Life of a Therap Adminstrator……

    Today, certified trainer, Kristen Thompson covered a stellar webinar surrounding a day in the life of a super busy, Therap administrator. There were 50+ attendees and some great feedback regarding all the great tips and […]

    Hello from Orlando, FL

    I just wanted to introduce myself as a new Certified Trainer with THERAP. My name is Tricia Woods and I am the Director of Health Information and Training for Central FLorida Communities and Group homes. […]


    I just saw a story on Good Morning America about a frozen water fountain in Atlanta! I sure hope it warms up before the conference! Take it from someone in the bitter cold […]

    The Outsiders

    So I’m curious if and how agencies out in the Therapverse document when and why surveyors/auditors view Therap documents. In other words, when surveyors/auditors look at Therap records, do agencies give them their own login […]

    The last days…

    As we enter these last days of the year a season of reflection reaches its crescendo. And, what I find is that through all the struggles and victories there are always constants. Those constants are […]

    It has been a year!

    Hello Therap World!

    I can’t believe that it has been 1 year since Allison had made me a trainer!  When our company first got to using Therap I thought it was the neatest thing out there.  […]

    Liking 2014.7 Release

    Our agency uses GERs almost like progress notes.  Anything and everything is documented on a GER.  One “hair-pulling” issue I had was how staff seemed to misidentify the GER Notification Level of High, Medium or Low.  […]

    Test Mode Wish List

    As OCD as I am about listed Therap documents showing discontinued because I found an error on a template or a form doesn’t work as well as I had envisioned is one of the main reasons […]

    Practice Blog…as if I need to practice

    I think I am doing things backwards… Blogging that is.  Just thought I would write something to figure out the “ins and outs” of blogging as a certified trainer.  Why do I think I am […]


    Wow! What a crazy November for the Buffalo, NY, area! We had 6 feet of snow dumped on half of our region and then the temperature went up to 55 degrees less than a week […]

    Staff Trainings….UGH turning into WOOHOO

    I have to say that when we first started Therap I wish we had given consideration to how much continuous training we would be doing. Unfortunately we jumped in as if competing for best cannon-ball […]

    Historical Storm

    Hello all,
    Didn’t know if I was going to be able to come in today to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving as we have been buried under 6 ft of snow here at Southeast Works in […]

    Baby it’s cold outside

    Hello All!

    With the weather in Nebraska getting colder and colder this makes me appreciate Therap even more. As the wind is blowing we are not having to transport books in and out  taking the risk […]

    That Escalated Quickly

    Dang it’s cold….Winter….That escalated quickly. Yes, it is time for my annual “it’s too cold in the south” blog. Thirty two degrees before Thanksgiving is not our way of life. Yes, I can hear all […]

    Family/Guardian Satisfaction Surveys – examples anyone?

    I thought I would reach out to everyone out in the Therap world, to see if anyone has any Family Satisfaction Surveys example that they would be willing to share. I am also looking for some […]

    Happy Halloween!

    Hope you have a SPOOKTACULAR day! Remember Therap is not scary, not even on Halloween!

    Caregiver Pay Rule Enforcement Delayed

    The Obama administration is expected to delay the enforcement of the new FLSA rule until July 2015. Of course the law will still take effect January 1, 2015. The new law will effect many host […]

    User guides

    Hello Therapers. I always had the privilege of working with another CT Kristen who was paid to play with Therap. Insert Jealousy here. Any time I had questions out of the scope of my knowledge […]

    The Wearables!

    Several months ago, I was able to use earned points on a card I had to purchase an activity tracker. I decided to get the Jawbone UP24, after looking at several reviews. For months I […]

    It has been a WILD Ride!

    The time has come to transition Therap from a project to Operations for Mosaic.
    We are quickly approaching our destination!
    November 1st will mark the end of the initial planned implementation of Therap
    (that started over 3 years […]