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Changes, Changes, Changes by Misty Maroon

Wow, what a lot of changes going on at Rainbow of Challenges. I am now not only the Therap trainer, I am all things training, and with our governing agencies, that is a lot of stuff.

There are also a lot of changes going on with our daily documentation on ISP programs. After new rules in Arkansas went into place, we had to adapt Therap to fit. This is when I realized the versatility of Therap. It took a lot of thinking (and Allison) but we were able to adapt the ISP module to fit our needs It is amazing what one module can do. So, thank you Allison, Amber, Chika, Cindy, and Shelby…….and Therap for bringing it all together. What an amazing team!

Let me see, what else is going on in Arkansas, oh yeah, it’s hot! I am sure not as hot as Austin in September, but I am looking forward to seeing many of you there.

What a month so far! by Lorelei Glenn

Lots of excitement going here in Omaha. I started the month off with taking care of my mom before, during & after surgery. She was able to go back home last Thursday, and is doing well. She has never been sick, doesn’t take medications and hasn’t had to have surgery since 1972, so the whole hospital experience was new for her (by the way, she just turned 76 last month)! I’ve now realized how often we forget to update important documents, like wills and advance directives. My mom hadn’t updated anything since before my dad died in 1996. I was a little bit worried since my brother was listed as the only Medical Guardian, but I was the one handling all of the medical things with my mom. I also realized that my will has not been updated since BEFORE my son was born (he is now 21)! Whoops…

So, just a reminder to everyone out there – remember to update your wills/advance directives, or at least review them once a year (like at Benefit Election or Tax time). Or for individuals in service, at annual planning time. Better to be safe than sorry!

On the Therap home front, we are now beginning Health Homes in Kansas. Are any other states out there with Health Homes who use Therap?

“When things slow down” by Gina Loraine

We always say here in Oregon “when things slow down” we will do this, or we will do that. Do things ever slow down?  There’s always a new rule, a new procedure, module or program to learn/implement. But, I suppose that this is one of the many things that keeps us on our toes.  It’s a good thing I love what I do!

Therap has made it easier on us, that’s for sure.

This year, our new procedure we are faced with is changes to our day services billing. Luckily, Therap provides a few different options-Time tracking, T-Logs, ISP data, and attendance. The difficult part is deciding which one would be the best for us. We need something that will be simple for staff to use, and something that will work well for our accounting folks (who are all the way in Minnesota!!).

We were thinking of using time tracking at first, but thanks to our most amazing and awesome Therap rep, Allison, we are strongly considering ISP data now.  Not only are staff already familiar with the ISP Data tracking module, but it will provide us with a number of reporting options and will give us everything we need to know and then some.

Please respond if you have any other suggestions or comments…any and all suggestions are welcome!

Be well!


Person Centered Excellence – You up for it? by Kristy Dominy

Thinking about our accreditation next week, it seemed fitting to post on person-centered excellence. Discovery begins with the understanding that every person is unique and has the right to advocate for themselves. Discovery should build more on strengths than focusing on weaknesses. It should be more than “a plan,” it should be the person’s life story, hopes, dreams, and goals. It should include all aspects of the person’s life, including health, safety, gifts, preferences, and spirituality (holistic care). These are the things that we get paid to work on. As providers, we should all be providing the best possible services that we can. As many of us know, we are not in it for the money but the gratification we receive when we truly make a difference in someone’s life.

Billing Beginnings by Jennifer Kelley

Our agency is going ahead with Therap billing!! I am the administrator so I have had the pleasure of spending hours on the phone with Heather – who has been great. She has walked me through the process so I have been busy creating description codes, attendance types, and service authorizations for each one of our individuals for each program… My eyes are bleeding.
We originally thought we would bill thru ISP programs but back tracked and switched to attendance billing. I had to make quite a few isp program updates as we originally thought we would want to have the hospital and therapeutic leave days show on the checklist as billable so we created new scoring methods with that option but then found out we do not want them to counted as billable as that would reflect as a face to face in the attendance module. So, back I went and discontinued and copied all the affected programs to reflect our original scoring methods with the non billable option. Of course all the hab plans have to be updated too.. live and learn. We have one more scheduled conference call which will be our first practice billing then we should be ready to start our new NY daily billing process electronically. We will be attending the Buffalo conference next week and hopefully we will pick up other pointers so we are successful in our launch. Just a side bar- Was very excited today when I discovered you can select both an approved and discontinued hab plan when accessing hab doc records or checklists.!!

Oh the Pressure of a Blog! by Donnia Melton

For some reason, blogging just isn’t easy. I usually have so much to say but putting it in writing is different.

So anyway, I am excited because we Mosaic is moving into the final months of our Therap implementation. We have been working on rolling Therap out over our 36 agencies. Agencies are now using the following modules: GERs, T-Logs, Scomms, ISP Plans, ISP Program, ISP Data, Health Tracking, MARs and Billing. It has been quite a journey that will continue to evolve- no doubt.

I am truly enjoying the lunch webinars! There are great ideas and helpful information. This information is very beneficial as it comes at a time when my agency is going through a lot of transitions with Therap.

Hanging my head. by Craig Buswell

I have not posted in a long while, and for that I hang my head in shame. And now to add insult to injury, I am just going to pose a question.

For those agencies using skin/wound how do you get your staff to access the tracking in the same way, since there are 3 options for accessing the data?

That being asked, all is well here in the Pacific Northwest. Several of our departments are coming more online and using more pieces of Therap. The greatness of job security…I love it.

IHP Goals by Bev Eschbach

I hope everyone has been enjoying their summer. The Arc of Somerset has been working towards becoming paperless.  Currently all health tracking ( doctors appointments, seizures, vitals, etc.) , finances (program and service recipients), in house UIR and reportable UIR are all being tracked in Therap.  Now we are happy to announce  for all  IHP Goals for each Service Recipient is now being tracked in ISP Data. We are approaching 300 Service Recipients within both Departments of Residential and Employment Services that we provide support services for. This has been a great success!!  Managers are amazed with how easy the DDD Monthly tracking reports have become.   We are looking forward to using Emars for all of our programs.

A Wonderful Review! by Tonya Klein

It’s that time again so here it is….

We had our State Surveyors come and do our State review a few months back and it really did not go to bad (I thought).  Having someone back there with them when needed to point them in the right direction WORKED GREAT!  Well they must have thought so too!! We received our Certification in the mail!  Having Therap makes everything so nice…we were not pulling books worrying about how and where things were filled.  It was a “oh click here” and “pull this up”!

I am so proud of our management team and our staff to have taken to Therap the way they did! They just continue to use it more and more and hey they even like it!  Staff continue to say how easy it is and why did we not use this years ago!

Just remember when all else fails keep moving forward!


Governance by Kari Schultz

“The rule for effective governance is simple.  It is one Ronald Reagan knew by heart.  And one that he successfully employed with Social Security and the Cold War.  When there is a problem, you fix it.  That is the job you have been sent to do and you cannot wait for someone else to do it for you.”  Chris Christie

Governance within any agency is critical for the operation of the agency, but what people don’t remember that there needs to be some type of governance over your network, but also with the management of Therap as well.  You can’t just “fly by the seat of your pants” when it comes to the management of Therap.  By having a policy and even a procedure about the management of Therap will assist in keeping the people support’s data safe.  Some ideas about policy and procedure include:

  • Where are you going to allow the DSPs access Therap?
  • Who gets to document information about a person supported?
  • Who can read General Event Reports?

Having a good foundation makes for the best care you can give a person supported.


Fun Facts about government


  • During World War I, the US Government tried to rename hamburgers as “liberty sandwiches” to promote patriotism.
  • The Constitution was “penned” by Jacob Shallus, A Pennsylvania General Assembly clerk, for $30 ($726 today)
  • The youngest people working in Congress are pages.  These are high school juniors carry legislative documents between the House of Representatives and the Senate.  They also help answer phones in the party clockrooms and deliver phone messages to Congress members.
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