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Online Documentation Software for Disability in Asia

Therap Asia – Digital Documentation for PWD

Therap is a web-based software solution for documenting, reporting and communicating needs of agencies providing support to persons with disabilities. Currently, agencies in Asia, are using Therap to organize, track and analyze their data in a more productive and efficient manner.

  • Over 250,000 users and 400,000 individuals worldwide
  • Implemented in number of special schools and organizations
    all over Asia
  • Users can access data in real time from anywhere in the world
  • Helps service providers, schools/agencies maintain a database
    to store their information regarding persons with disabilities
  • Track IEP, assess skills of each individual/student, enter daily
    diary notes etc
  • Able to generate reports (containing bar graph, line graph etc)
    and print/save those in PDF format

Therap partners with AFID


Therap is working as a Technology Partner for the 23rd Asian Federation on Intellectual Disabilities (AFID) conference which is scheduled to take place from 18-24 November, 2017 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Learn more

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