Using Therap’s electronic documentation software as a service improves efficiencies across the board. It improves quality of care, manages risk and compliance and reduces costs. Key benefits offered by the system includes

Web-Based Access Anywhere

This allows for accessibility and portability of records. The system has flexible hardware requirements – it works on most devices supporting web browsers.

Seamless Integration between State/Oversight & Provider Systems

Users have access to the oversight agency system and provider records from within the same interface. An individual’s records at the state system and in the provider accounts can be linked. Oversight users can access incident reports, communications logs and secure messages from provider agencies.

Multilevel-Access Privilege

With Therap’s multi-level access mechanism, government administrators, provider staff and family members can securely share information from the same source.

Electronic Signatures & Audit Trails

Actions performed on Therap electronic forms and records bear the electronic signature of the user. Audit trails can be tracked by administrators for all electronic documents with just a few clicks.

Features of Therap

  • Built on a current, object-oriented technology platform
  • Hosted in multiple live sites mirrored across non-contiguous states
  • 24 x 7 staffed system monitoring
  • Follows agile development to implement state and federal requirements
  • Provides Data Integrity through audit trails, electronic signatures, and comprehensive back-up
  • Implements intuitive database for record creation and retrieval
  • Able to interface with external systems
  • Secure communications
  • Supports security structure to enable state-wide program management
  • Numerous online training materials and tools

Comprehensive Reports

Flexible and comprehensive reporting features are available for all modules and forms. [More about Therap’s comprehensive reporting features]

Alerts & Notifications

Automatic alerts can be sent to users via email or text messaging as records are created and updated.

Secure Communications & Sharing

Encrypted messages & documents can be shared among provider/oversight agency users (e.g., case managers or administrators) in a secure manner. Information is less likely to fall into wrong hands.

Data Integrity, Security & Compliance

Therap takes necessary precautions to ensure availability and data security by using state-of- the-art hardware and software. Applications are developed to comply with the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) and other security/privacy requirements. Integration of privacy and security features, especially for protection of PHI and HIPAA are given the highest priority during our design process.

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Therap provides a solution to your documentation needs

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Therap provides …

  • Incident Reports, Med Errors, Event Reports
  • Daily Shift Notes, Communication Logs, Contact Notes
  • Vital Signs, Height/Weight, BM Charts, Seizure Records, Blood Glucose, Skin/Wound Assessments, Medical Appointments & more
  • An electronic MAR with industry-standard Drug Database, due/overdue filters, electronic transcription of meds/treatments & comprehensive MAR Report features
  • Goal Tracking and Service Logs, Allowable Services, Valued Outcomes & ADL Supports, Employment Supports and Outcome Tracking
  • Individual Face Sheets, Emergency Fact Sheet,
    To-Go Forms
  • Tracking of Finances, Expenses, Deposits & Receipts
  • Billing units from Service Logs or Attendance Logs, Submitting Claims to Medicaid
  • Tracking of Training Classes, Staff Certificates
  • Quality Assurance, Auditing & Licensing Reports
  • Report Library with Agency-Wide Reports for QA & Audit purposes
  • Storage for external documents such as Advanced Directives, Consents and Authorizations
  • Employment History, Assessments and Detailed Job Descriptions