It is time to start! 

Therap has allowed me to travel to several different agencies throughout the great Midwest and beyond for presentations, conferences, and implementation of Therap into agencies.  The question I hear all the time is… where is your blog?  We see the other great people at Therap blogging, but where is your blog?  Up until this point I have just said that Therapville is not ready for the Midwest blog and it is best if we keep it on the down low.  

But today is the day.  Today is the day that the midwest blog breaks onto the scene and chronicles the tremendous activities and agencies that are all part of Therapville in the Midwest.  In the upcoming posts I will be glad to share information about my adventures with the many different agencies throughout the midwest.  I really have come accross some amazing people leading some awesome agencies doing  incredible things.  Thanks to all those agencies who have been so accomodating.

In addition, I will certainly allow you an inside look at traveling around the agencies we work with in the midwest to get a feel for this region of the country.  I look forward to showing you around!!!  Buckle up it is going to be a ride to remember!!!