They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!  Alright, I like a good challenge.  I say challenge because I am in Vegas this week at the NAQ conference to make sure all the QMRP’s across the country go home with an orientation to Therap.  I get to make sure all the agencies they represent have a chance at experiencing electronic documentation at its finest. 

Sure there will be distractions, sure there will be circumstances that may make it difficult for some to remember the introduction to Therap that I will present.  Even so  I am sure that when I am done showing the incredible features and improvements that Therap continues to implement these QMRP’s will go home informed and motivated to explore the national leader in electronic documentation for the developmental disability field.  It will not be easy but I am sure I will get r done!  Wish me luck as I carry the banner of Therap into the land where most forget what happened, Vegas baby.