It was great conference in Denver.  Just one look at the Rocky Mountains and one can help but get a whole lot of perspective.  Everytime I get a chance to see these incredible mountains I reminded of how short life is and that each day is a gift to be enjoyed.  I only wish I would have had a little time to explore them and take in some more mountain air.  It does something for the soul.



In addition to the incredible mountains and great weather we had some terrific agencies that attended and participated in the discussions.  It was great to hear all the different agencies share the things that they are doing in utilizing the national leader in electronic documentation.  It was also good to  hear how these agencies were tackling different challenges they face as they seek to go completely paperless and enjoy the effeciencies that Therap makes available.

Some of the great people that I want to share with you that attended the conference are the following…


A great group attended from Region I Office of Human Development in Western Nebraska.  Marlene and her group are going to be a great group to work with in Nebraska.  I say that based on this tremendous leadership group that attended the conference.



Jaylene, Betsy, and Kristi from TSS in Newton KS.
Jennifer Larson from Phoenix Residence Inc, in W. St. Paul, MN.  This agency gets started this week as I travel to MN to do training.  I look forward to partnering with Jennifer, Jody, and the rest of Phoenix as they look to “go live” Sept. 1.
Pat Cottingham from Region V in Nebraska.  This was Pat’s first Therap confernece and she came to gather more information about Therap and the other conference presenters.  It was great to meet here and I look forward to sharing more with Pat and the good people she represents in Region V.
Mary Lawson was another I enjoyed sitting down with and learning more about her agency and the next steps they were taking as an agency to move forward in Therap.  Mary is a great Therapite in the Husker state and she is very knowledgeable.  I look forward to spending more time with her in the future as I spend more time in Nebraska.
Well that is all for now.  More later from the Great North, hey….Take OFF!!!