This past week I have been in the great state of Minnesota!   I have been training the staff at Phoenix Residence Inc.,  as they get ready to go paperless.  The Therap initiative has been led by Jody, Jennifer and Allen pictured here.  They are awesome people and are committed to the process of moving the agency ahead to a paperless provider.

 Phoenix looks to “go live” on September 1st.  The whole group put in a great effort to get prepared for the first steps forward.  Phoenix offices are located in West St. Paul, MN and they have homes throughout the Minneapolis-St. Paul Metro area.  Despite all kinds of talk in the state about schisms concerning this guy…ie…




Sorry about showing the KC hit on the money man, but this picture may be the only publicity the Chefs get this year.




Phoenix Residence showed no signs of schisms….in fact they were great to work with.  Take a look at this great group in some of our sessions together.


Teaching this group was a great priveledge.  This is one more agency that has partnered with us at Therap and I believe they will do great things in the days ahead!!!

Tomorrow I move even further North into MN to Genesis Group Homes. Can’t wait!