This week ended by getting to present to the members of the Missouri Association of Rehabilitation Facilities (MARF).  It was great to connect with some agencies that I have the priviledge of already working with as well as meeting some agencies that we have not yet partnered together.  The meetings were held at Port Arrowhead Resort that I was able to get a couple shots of before heading home. 


The presentation went well as I was able to show all these Missouri agencies the new General Event Report that can be filled out in the Therap GER application and then the data can be dropped into the State mandated Incident Report.  Pretty cool stuff to say the least!!!


The area is beautiful as you can see by a couple of the pictures I was able to take from the meetings.


In addition to the natural beauty I was also fascinated by some other beautiful scenery to roll into the lake.  As  I was leaving town I discovered that it was Bikefest.  Hundreds of bikers were all driving in from all over the country with all kinds of bikes, trikes, and tricked out machines.  Quite a site to see to say the least!!!  I was wishing I was on my own bike as I got ready to head out of town.   It was going to be  a happening weekend at the lake you can be sure of that. 


The whole weekend culminated at a biker battle of the bands that was going to be showcased at my favorite spot on the lake…you guessed it…THE HORNY TOAD!  This is a great spot with an incredible scenery of the lake.  If you ever get the opportunity to stay at the Horny Toad make sure and take advantage of the opportunity. 

Everyone have a great weekend!