The last group that Kris and I trained in Region 1 was the at the site in Sidney, NE.  This group was so excited for us to get there they could hardly contain themselves.  Take a look at two leaders at Sidney (Tatia Whitman and Chandell Oleson).
The sure anticipation of using Therap, or was it Octoberfest that followed the next day…I don’t remember…I am sure it was Therap, but these two along with the area director Bob Davis  was hardly containable.  Tell me that Bob is not just chomping at the bit for us to finish training so he can get in there and do some real documentation!
Bob trying to contain the enthusiasm of using Therap at Sidney.

Bob trying to contain the enthusiasm of using Therap at Sidney.

 All kidding aside Kris and I had a great week with the great people of Region 1.  A tremendous staff that is following great leaders that will continue to offer quality services in the great state of Nebraska.  Kris and I were even treated to a grand tour of the Sidney site by the office Guy and Sean.  It was certainly one of the highlights of the whole trip. The site offers a recycling area, thrift store, and several other elements that were detailed.  Sean did detail to us repeatedly though that the fork lift was limited in use due to the new carpet.  Hang in there Sean!

I look forward to great response as the Region kicks off and goes live tomorrow!  Giddy up gang, Octoberfest is over and Therap is beginning!  

Until next time, I am signing off from the middle of Therapville.