One of the four classes that I led in getting support specialist ready to kick off Therap at IMANOR.  This was a great group and they did a good job with learning the new system and preparing to kick off at their agency.

 Dee White is pictured here and she was a big help in getting everything prepared as well as the actual training.  She is one of the Provider Administrators at IManor and will be a significant player for moving this agency more and more paperless and effecient

Dale (pictured below) is the Exective Director at IManor and I so appreciated his leadership and participation in the training for the staff.  He was right there with us every step of the way and even help me at the conclusion.  A lot can be said by a director, but often it is what they do that says the most.  I can tell that Dale is a director that leads by example and has a tremendous heart for the staff and the consumers that IManor support in Liberty, MO.

Thanks again to everyone at IMANOR in preparing for Therap and getting started at your agency.