Make sure and click on the new release notes page from either the website home page or the initial splash page to see all the new items just released inside Therap.  The new releases are just one of the many great things in Therap as the site continues to get better and improve from feedback from users like you.

With that in mind I also want to encourage all of you to continue to give us your great feedback through the feedback link at the bottom of every page inside Therap.  You may have a thought that what you have to say doesn’t matter much, but nothing could be further from the truth.  Just like with 8.8 release and the many other releases, those new ideas and improvements come from insights and thoughts shared by users just like each of you.  Never underestimate what contribution you could make by simply hitting the feeback  button or the ideas button at the bottom of your page inside Therap.  That idea may just be the next great thing that happens in a new release.  Together we all make this functional system even better through on line collaboration.