It is my joy to announce to all of you in Therapville Midwest and beyond the first certified trainer in the state of Missouri is none other than Michelle Saunders. Michelle works with Alternative Community Training in Columbia, MO. Her title is Director of Community Integration, but that title is just one of many hats that she wears. She is also the Provider Administrator at ACT and she has been a tremendous influence in communicating the value and benefits of electronic documentation using Therap through out the state of MO. It has been my great pleasure to work with Michelle and the tremendous team at ACT. Michelle took the test to become a certified trainer at the Kansas City Conference that took place earlier this month.

Show Me State Certified Trainer, Michelle Saunders

"Show Me State" Certified Trainer, Michelle Saunders

Congratulations Michelle for the accomplishment of being the very first certified trainer in the state of Missouri!!!!!