It was awesome!  A little summer ball played the way it was supposed to be played in Kansas City on Monday night.  No, it wasn’t at Kaufman Stadium, even though the Royals were fortunate enough to win a game.  I am talking about the Exceptional Teams that play at the Blue Springs, MO Complex just East of Truman Sports Complex.  The league is the Exceptional League and it has various participants across many different backgrounds that come together to play a little ball.  Individuals of all different ages all joining together to cheer for one another, support one another, and play a national past time.

There was no need for instant replay, nobody was thrown out of the game, players were not upset at contracts they thought they should be making more money, concessions were actually donated by a large chain that most of us have frequented this past month, and the participants smiles lit up the whole field.  Take a look at some pics I snapped on my phone and enjoy some great ball.

Nick headed for home

It is going to be close...He needs to slide...


Jeremy is safe at the plate!!!

Having a ball!

It may not have been the World Series, but it was definetly the All-Star Game.  From players, to coaches and supporters, to everyone involved.  Thanks for a great night at the ball park.