It is great to announce that the first agency in 2011 to begin using Therap brand spanking new is Community of Good Shepherd in Kansas City, MO.  Sharon Higney is the Executive Director of the agency and I am excited for them to become part of Therapville Midwest.  They join a great group of agencies already using Therap in Missouri and the Midwest and we look to get them moving forward with a “go live” date of February 1st.  Here is a little about CGS…

The Commmunity of the Good Shepherd is 501(c)3 organization, established in 1967 to provide quality supported living for individuals with developmental disabilities. It is our policy to respond to requests from the public for information relevant to our accredited services or programs.


CGS offers a wide variety of support services for consumers with developmental disabilities, empowering them and enabling them to reach their greatest potential for development.  CGS encourages respect for the dignity and basic human rights of the individual person and provides opportunities for integrated community living experiences. CGS helps individuals achieve what each of us wants for ourselves and our own families…happy, secure lives with the opportunity to reach our greatest potential.


The Community of the Good Shepherd positively affects the lives of adults with developmental disabilities by providing a high-quality, modern, family-like residential and day care environment. Our programs create optimum opportunities for self-development and personal satisfaction.

Welcome aboard CGS, it is going to be a great 2011!!!