Hello world!! I’m Chris Johnson and I will be a new training and implementation specialist here in the Mid-West. Since this is my first post on this blog I should probably tell you that I am a terrible speller and typically forget to hit the spell check button. So please don’t hold that against me!

I just wanted to reminder everyone that the Therap National Provider Administrator Conference is next week.

Feb 8- 10, Ramada, Fishkill, New York
Come and enjoy three days of exciting sessions with the Therap staff, trainers, and also people from across the country who havebeen using Therap. Its a great opportunity for prospective and existing users to learn about the system, and also the developmental disability industry at large.

Throughout the week I’ll be posting updates on different things that will be going on during the conference and also new things which i’ll be learning myself!

So get the popcorn ready and your reading glasses cleaned and join us either in person or through this blog in the upcoming days.

We’re looking forward to a great conference!