HELLO Mid-West!…and any other Therap users or potential Therap users! Where to begin? Well I’ll start with lasnight. I was able to meet some very cool people with whom I’ll be working with here at Therap. They all seem to be very good at what they do and are probably some of the smartest people i’ve met. (sorry dad) We all went out to Charlie Brown’s to eat and watch the Super Bowl. The food was pretty good but the game was better. You see I’m a Chiefs fan. Always have been and always will be! I think my cousin said it best when he said that if the Chiefs arent the ones in the Super Bowl then there’s no point in cheering for the AFC team and I agree. Not to mention Aaron Rodgers is a pretty good quaterback.

This morning was interesting and a little bit embarrassing. You see the hotel which i’m staying has an all you can eat buffet for guest. So naturally I figured that I would go down to breakfast, eat and not have a wateress who would be bringing me something to drink. I was wrong. She was very nice and did everything necessary to deserve a tip…..But like I said, I thought it would be a regular hotel breakfast where no one would serve me. So I felt pretty bad when I didn’t have any cash to leave for a tip. Then to top it off I left my coffee mug at my table when I was done. The waitress being the kind woman she was, proceeded to find me and hand me my coffee mug filled with coffee and she put cream and sugar in it!!  TOO KIND!! :)

Well this evening people began to arrive to the conference. They were able to get there nametags and also have a little sandwhich dinner. People were able to mingle with each other and just relax a little bit before the sessions begin.

Well I’ve rambled on too long. Tomorrow is the big day! I’ll be on here again tomorrow night to talk about some of the things that went on and hopefully get up some picture for you!