Day 2 of the conference. Yes I know, I should probably start with day 1 but I was exhausted my brain was scrambled (which when you all get to know me will come to find out that it’s not too far off from the norm for me) and  I passed out as soon as I got back to my room.

I have a couple of questions…Did you all look at the new Individual Home page. This thing is sweet! It’s a great way to view an individual’s information without clicking from module to module. Remember that this is a Super Role so you will have to have the privilege to see it.

What do you all think about the new Health Tracking module being individual based?

Now when users click on the ‘New’ link, they will be taken to the forms directly and can choose the Program and Individual from there.

This will make it easier to track Health Information of individuals and the workflow will be more consistent across all features of the Health Tracking module. Users will now be able to generate Reports and view health data for an Individual, based on their Access Privileges, irrespective of the program the Individual is enrolled in.

These two new additions were just a couple of things I’ve learned about.

I do want to say that at the end of yesterday, we played Therap Jeopardy. It is a great way to brush up on some of your skills and even learn new ones. Not to toot my own horn but my table was victorious! (TOOT!!) If you guys see Jeff you should ask him about it. We dominated his table!

Well I just got back from a long tour of New York. I have to say it is an amazing city with a lot of history to it. Not to mention it’s beautiful at night! That’s all I’m saying about that because it 1:30AM and I’m tired.