We finished up Fishkill this past week and in attempt to give you a brief glimpse into the week that was,  here we go.  The week was filled with lots of information, new Certified Trainers, the introductions of new staff, the ability to talk with Programmers & Therap staff of items to make the system even better.  Fishkill was also a time to reconnect with friends from all over the country, INTERNET  ROULETTE, a chance to eat pizza at Ray’s in the NYC.  Fishkill was also an opportunity to experience sleep deprivation, the excitement of Fire alarms and men dressed in big hats with axes and large fire retardant coats.  Here are a couple pics to help sum it all up.  I hope if you were not with us at the conference we will see you in an upcoming Therap Conference!

New things we rolled out at Fishkill unveiled and highlighted.

Friends...Carol and Kelli from Cardinal of Minnesota

Dinner before it all starts with the Therap Gang

The newest shining star at Therap is introduced ...Chris Johnson

Richard shows people the door as the fire alarm sounds in the background...sorry no audio!!! Thank me later.

Pizza at the Original Ray's in NYC