John Kincinas

Hello Therapville Midwest!!

I’d like to introduce myself….I’m John Kincinas, the Director of IT & Physical Plant Operations for Garden Center Services in Burbank, Illinois.  We are located 3 miles from Midway Airport in lovely Chicago.  I’m an avid Batman fan, play semi-profession darts, and look forward to being one of Jeff’s many resources within this blog.  As an agency, we have been using Therap for a little over a year now, and we love it!!

Recently Jeff was asked if Therap’s MARs meet Illinois Rule 116 regarding Medication Administration.  The answer to this question is a big YES, but let’s break down why.

Rule 116 ( has 11 sections to it, but I will focus on just 2 of them.

Section 116.50 (, in a nutshell, states that a person administering medications will follow the nurse’s written protocol for administration of a PRN.  As long as your agency’s nurse or nursing professional fills out a full and complete medication history on the particular drugs being listed on an individual’s MAR, you should fit the criteria completely.  Just make sure you fill ALL of it out and don’t skimp on the information!!  (I did check this with our agency nurse who is an Illinois Nurse Trainer.  She says that some State Officials have questions about Therap because it is a new concept, but they have not said that it is not allowed.)

Section 116.70 ( speaks of Medication Administration Records and required documentation.  Therap has this down to a science when it comes to dealing with DHS and the MAR.  Therap’s version of the MAR is almost a carbon copy of what DHS requires and what many agencies are currently using.  We have not begun to use MARs yet as an agency, but we are in the process of setting this up for a small test run in one of our 16 bed ICF facilities.  Not to divulge too many secrets, but I think an iPad will be involved in this small test and we will be ready by Spring.

I hoped this cleared up any questions anyone in  Illinois may have had.  If you want to reach me directly for anything, feel free to shoot me an email at

MAR from a Demo