Side by Side Conference, St Louis, Missouri May 3-5 2011

Make your reservation now and plan to be at this Therap Conference

We will be holding the next Side by Side Technology Conference with the College of Direct Support May 3-5 in St. Louis, Missouri.

This will be a good opportunity to learn about various Therap Services modules as well as information about CDS modules and their application. Linda Petrini and Web Footed Friends will be there to speak about Talintel.

There will be general Therap sessions of interest to agencies throughout the United States. There will also be Missouri and Illinois specific sessions or user group discussions.

As with recent Side-by-Side Conferences, there will be an optional package included for a local dinner and site of interest.

We will be posting information to help make choices about the different conferences which are offered. We would also recommend that Provider Administrators attend the National Provider Administration Conference in Fishkill, NY in February.

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