Hello all!

I am very excited about the upcoming Therap Conference in St. Louis, 5-3-11 to 5-5-11. If you have not attended a Therap conference in the past, here is an overview of what happens:

• There are sessions on everything you could imagine within Therap and the College of Direct Support! The sessions are short (1 hour) and small enough that you can get your questions answered. There are also sessions offered that are tailored and specific to your state.
• There are a lot of knowledgeable people at these conferences! The ability to network and learn about best practice in this field is next to none!
• Talintel will be present to talk about the exciting things they have to offer to reduce turnover at your agency!
• They have fun games and will go out for a night on the town in St. Louis! You can’t get much better than this!

I will be at some of the Missouri discussions and hope to see you there!

Michelle :)