Milwaukee Airport Sign after Security Checkpoint

I found a brand new place I have never been before this morning.  It was located in the Milwaukee, WI International Airport.  It is called the “RECOMBOBULATION AREA”.  It is a place you can collect yourself and your belongings after going through TSA.  I said to myself going through the area, so this is where you go to get yourself back together.  I think we have all had those times in a day or in life that we just wish there was an area where we could recombobulate our self, I know I have.  Well I am happy to tell you I have found the place, and it is in Milwaukee, WI.  I should have known that, but it was only today that I finally located it.  Here is hoping you get a chance to recombobulate this weekend and get things back together after a long week!  Happy Weekend to all of you in Therapville Midwest!!!