I got my own taste of Mother Nature today as several smaller tornadoes swooped down over the KC Metro.  As of 1pm CT today we have had 3 tornadoes reported with several other funnel clouds that did not reach the ground.  We actually had a funnel cloud in our neighborhood with tornado sirens blaring for about an hour and a half.  Thankfully it has moved on and we wait till this evening when more threats of weather are anticipated.

The whole scenario makes you even more sympathetic to the situation in Joplin where the death toll is up to 123.  I have reports of several agencies now in the Joplin area that lost ISL homes and several clients that were injured.  No reports of any of the agencies suffering fatalities, but we do have friends who have lost relation and friends.  Please continue to remember the people of Joplin.  There are various crises opportunities to help the people of Joplin if you are so moved.