I was sent a snippet from the HB 5124 Steering Committee Report today and it reads:

“Progress continues on the development of the Central Repository Vault (CVR) with the addition of the pilot agencies information, the designation of a “Record Master” for each state agency and the development of an evaluation tool. At this time the only people who have access to the site are the pilot participants and state agency staff. Surveyors will be attend training that will include instruction that they are to utilize the CVR prior to conducting their survey. Eventually each provider will have access to the site to upload documents to your file that will enable your surveyors and/or auditors to obtain this information on line. Surveyors will have view and print access only, they will not be able to alter any documents.”

Sounds a lot like Therap, doesn’t it? Those of us in Illinois that are already benefiting from Therap should direct some attention to the Department of Human Services and Public Health to have them look at Therap seriously as a whole state provider.

If you want to look at the Steering Committee report, you can find it here.