This past week I have been meeting with agencies in the state of Illinois, the Land of Lincoln.  I have pretty much driven through the entire state enjoying the scenery and road construction.  I started up in the Quad Cities area and gradually drove through the state meeting with agencies that are considering the best electronic documentation system, and with others that are already users.  I even stopped at a rest area to do a webinar with another agency in Minnesota.  You really have NOT enjoyed a rest area until you have done a webinar at one.  The stares you get  as you attempt to walk people through a T-Log, GER, and the explanation of the Intake/Elimination in Health tracking is incredible…and that is just from the dogs at the stop.  My favorite is trying to mute and cover the motorcycles leaving the area.  It really is an exciting call to lead.  I was just thankful for the beautiful 80 degrees it was outside.  Absolutely beautiful!  All in all Rest area might just be the webinar destination of the future.

State of IL Rest Area