Finally after 2 weeks in North Dakota I am back in good old KC. Don’t get me wrong North Dakota is a beautiful state with amazingly nice and courteous people! Deb and myself went all over the state these past two weeks showing the providers and state employees what they have ahead of them.  Just remember that

a. OSP= Overall Service plan  which contains:
b. (North Dakota) ISP=Case plan…not what we on the provider side understand an ISP to be
c. RMAP= Risk Management Assessment plan
d. IPOP=Individual Plan of Protective Oversight—the General and Residential
e. Valued Outcomes=goals

Training isn’t all we did in North Dakota. there was a lot to see! check out the pics bellow.

I have no clue what this means!…I don’t even think the sign knows.

If you squint, you can see North Dakota spelled out in the flowers…..pretty cool!

The Capitol!..The only high rise in the state.

I did learn something while there!

Everybody can learn something!

Roger Maris exhibit in Fargo North Dakota

Sorry about the Glare.

Never knew he played for the KC Athletics.

The "Sultan of Swat" crown