Great article this week that shows the direction that things are going with information and even entertainment.  It was in the USA today tech section and I have included the link for you to go and check it out .

The article in a nutshell says that airlines and others are going away from providing a kiosk or a monitor for people to access movies and other information and instead are going to providing a way for people to download the movie or other information through the internet to their own personal device.

It makes total sense.  So many now have a device that they carry from a tablet, pad, netbook, notebook, smartphone, itouch…the list goes on and on.  Devices are evolving and becoming more and more available and cheaper.

It is one of the reason that we at Therap do not require you to go and purchase a “Kiosk” or a “Therap Device” that you can only use to be able to access the information you need in supporting individuals at the agencies and communities you provide services.  These methods are limited, expensive and static.  Instead our platform and philosophy allows for someone to access the information on any web enabled device.  There are obviously issues that an agency need to consider with this accessibility, but that is something best established and monitored at the agency level with the tools that are provided by Therap to do just that kind of activity tracking.

I thought is was a good article and once again shows how Therap is positioned and leading the way for electronic documentation in this field.