Concerns grow across the Midwest among providers dealing with the additional groups that are being employed for auditing purposes.  A great article that speaks toward this is found at

A representative can show up at your agency whether you are there or not and demand documentation from whoever happens to be at the front desk.  They then scan the material to the level of their satisfaction and return to go over documentation at their office.  It is one more reason that I am talking to agencies about the need for electronic documentation.  Therap provides the ability to stay on top of all of this information from wherever you are or happen to be when one of these groups comes knocking at your agency door.  Even if you are traveling you can pull the information up or give the level of access needed for the auditors to look at the documentation at their office versus you trying to print, find, copy, or scan this information over to them.  Take a moment to read the link I have included in this blog.  After you read the blog, my only question is why are you not using Therap?