I hope that all of you who attended the Minnesota conference came away from it with a little more understanding about how Therap works. I just want to make sure you all remember some important stuff that will help keep your data accurate.

Update and Discontinue

If you are fixing a mistake on the form (for example a typo or spelling error) then you should use “Update”. If what you are doing is changing the form in a way that it will work differently then you should discontinue it and copy to a new form.

An example might be something like changing the dosage on a new medication or changing a task in the ISP Program.

The reason you would want to use discontinue for your ISP Programs is because you have ISP Data and ISP Reports that are based on a specific ISP Program and will always relate back to them.  If all you do is change the ISP Program and update, then there will be data out there that won’t make sense with the way the program is written after changes.  However if you are just fixing a mistake,  such as a spelling error, then utilizing the “update” would be ok.

It’s similar for the MAR as well.

There has also some updates to our automated training

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