Hello all!

I was driving to the Therap conference in Lincoln, Nebraska a couple of weeks ago and have an interesting story to share. I left Columbia, Missouri around 4pm. I knew there would be some heavy rain and snow and was mentally prepared for both. It began to rain really hard about 30 miles outside of Kansas City. I kept my cool and continued driving.

It began to snow/sleet around St. Joe, Missouri. I was pleased that I was not freaking out and continued to drive. It was pretty hard to see at times, but I just took my time. I made it to I-29 and was ready to turn onto Nebraska 2, when I saw that the road was CLOSED! I did not notice that there was a detour on my directions, so I was a little leery to head the other way. Because I am a rule follower, I turned the way of the detour and my adventure began.

I drove about 5 miles and did not see another detour sign. I started to feel a little uncomfortable. It was DARK and I was not able to turn around on the road because there was no shoulder. I called my wonderful husband and he looked up where I was and said he could reroute me back to I-29. Everything was going fine until I turned onto a road that was a little saturated and my vehicle began moving from side to side until I ended up getting stuck!

Thank goodness my cell phone worked and I was able to contact AAA for roadside assistance. Unfortunately, the tow truck could not get to me because of the saturated road. I had to walk to the tow truck (about ¾ of a mile) in the cold icy mess. My shoes sunk into the ground/road as I was walking. It was an eye opening experience for me.

The nice gentlemen in the tow truck (Benefiel truck repair and towing, inc) were very helpful. They dropped me off at a motel and promised me that they would try to fish out my vehicle in the morning. I did not have very good cell reception, so it was a quiet evening.

My car arrived around 9:30 the next morning. It took 4 guys, 2 skid loaders and a farm tractor to free my car from the soggy road. I thanked the wonderful men and was once again on my way to Nebraska! As I drove past the place where I got stuck, I could understand why my car did not thrive. It looked like a war zone where I had gotten stuck. I think I would have been really freaked out if I could have seen the area around me when I got stuck.

I had a really good story to share once I made it to the conference. The conference was great and it was a pleasure to assist with presenting at the sessions. I will always remember this trip!

Michelle :)