Hello Therapville! Jordan here! Just a quick post about the time Chris and I spent with the wonderful people in Seneca, Kansas last week! We were assisting the great staff at the Nemaha County Training Center get started with Therap and they made us feel right at home! I wanted to share with all of the Therap users a cool policy NCTC uses for medication errors.
Their system works much like the points on a driver’s license. The nurse assigns a severity rating to each medication administered to the individuals supported. If a staff misses a dose of a medication they lose a certain amount of points. The points lost are dependent on the severity level of the medication (ie a missed seizure medication would cause the staff to lose more points then missing a dose of nasal spray). Once the staff loses all of their points the agency reports them to the state for abuse/neglect. If the staff goes the agency determined amount of time without having a medication error they are able to gain points back. Chris and I thought this was a great way to motivate staff to go through all of their necessary checks and really take medications seriously as no one wants to be put on the abuse/neglect registry.
The second most exciting part of our time in Seneca (besides the training of course) was finding out the town had a Valentino’s Italian Buffet which I thought was a Nebraska only restaurant that I’ve had quite the hankerin’ for since moving to Kansas City!
I can’t wait to meet more of the inspiring Therap providers at the National Conference next week in New Jersey and learn all I can about the amazing programs everyone is running! Happy Wednesday!