I just returned back to Kansas City after spending a week with 3 awesome agencies in Minnesota! First I did some onsite training with the great supervisors and DSP’s at JEC Miller.

Awesome staff at JEC Miller!!

Cool quote on the wall in the training room

I then met with the Executive Director and Supervisors at Genesis Group Homes and they certainly tested my Therap knowledge! They have a couple of Therap experts there! I think the session was incredibly beneficial for both of us! After Genesis Group Homes I was able to chat with a few of the supervisors at Rudolph Community and Care about the implementation of Therap at their agency.

Of course my second favorite part of being in Minnesota (other than visiting with the amazing providers of course) was visiting the Mall of America… the whole ‘no sales tax on clothes or shoes’ will be the death of my bank account!

This store calls my name... all of the time....

There’s a lot going on with Therap in Minnesota so I’m sure I’ll be seeing you all again very soon! Until next time Therapville!