It was great this past weekend to have Sazzad in KC as we prepared for our trip through Nebraska meeting with service coordinators and providers in the Husker state. One thing you may not know about Sazzad is the man loves steak. It is rare, no pun intended, that Sazzad gets his fill of steak. So this past weekend it was my quest to take him to a place where he would get his fill on great steak. Not just meat, but steak, good, tender steak. So Saturday night we met up at a place on the Plaza in KC called Fogo de Chao. It is a great Brazilian steak house.

Meeting up with Sazzad on Plaza

Sazzad waits patiently in front of the meat as it is prepared,

My wife Rebecca tries to convince Sazzad they will keep bringing him Steak until he tells them to stop.

Sazzad has had enough and turns the card to RED. Mission Accomplished!