The Midwest team and billing master, Jim Kelly, spent the past two days sharing all of the great modules Therap has to offer. We also had a little time for some fun:

We started the evening off with a trip to the roller coaster. Jordan and I rode this one:

Good thing we ate after riding this!


Next, we ate at a lovely Italian restaurant. The food was great! We then meandered over to the Peep Store, where they also have Mike and Ike candies. The knowledgeable employee at the store informed us that Mike and Ike were parting ways. Get your Mike and Ike’s while you still can! We also saw some shirts at this store that said, “Trick or Peep.” I thought that was hilarious. Here is a photo of us just before leaving this store:

As you can tell, we are having a fun time!

Michelle :)