Hello all, from the Chicago suburb of Des Plaines! I have only lived here for a few months and decided to do a little research to learn more about my new hometown. Here are some fun facts I discovered:

The majority of the hit 1985 film, “The Breakfast Club” was filmed at the now-defunct Maine North High School located in unincorporated Des Plaines. If you don’t know this movie, don’t tell me. It means I am getting OLD!

Des Plaines is traversed by two interstate highways – I-90 Northwest Tollway and I-294 Tri-State Tollway. My house is also just a few miles from O’Hare international airport, the second busiest airport in the world, with 2,400 flights per day.

Des Plaines is made up of the following nationalities: German (21.5%), Polish (18.2%), Irish (13.8%), Italian (10.6%), English (5.2%), Swedish (3.3%). We also have some pretty awesome grocery stores that cater to the needs of each nationality. It is an awesome experience and you can find anything you are looking for.

The McDonald’s #1 Store Museum, also known as the McDonald’s USA First Store Museum, is housed in a replica of the former McDonald’srestaurant in Des Plaines, Illinois opened by Ray Kroc in April 1955. The company usually refers to this as The Original McDonald’s, although it is not the first McDonald’s restaurant, but the ninth.

This awesome burger joint, Paradise Pup, is just around the corner from me. It was featured in “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” on the Food Network. Click here if you want to watch the video on You Tube.

Michelle :)