So the message I received this morning in my email was that a Training Management Supervisor was literally in tears over seeing the features that are available in the TMS (Training Management System).  I was then asked by the Director of the agency if it was Therap’s intent to bring people to tears with our software?  My response, absolutely if the tears are tears of joy!

It is always great to hear how Therap is making a real difference in the lives of the people who are out in the field making a difference everyday.  This person upon seeing how her job was going to be made easier by utilizing TMS in Therap was obviously pretty excited.

I hear a lot of suggestions of how to make the system better, and that is great keep em coming.  I hear a lot of ways of how we should improve things, and we are.  But it is also good to hear every once in a while how Therap is a pretty awesome solution right now and making a difference in the lives of individual all across the Midwest and beyond.

We are getting ready for our summer release in the several weeks ahead.  I have seen some of the things that are coming and they are pretty exciting.  Be sure and stay tuned into what coming you may end up with a tear or two coming to your eyes.  Tears of Joy that is!

Hope all is well in the Therap Midwest, plan now to be apart of the NATIONAL CONVENTION in KC January 2014!