Check out our most recent press release regarding an upcoming conference that Therap is hosting. The title? Therap Services Conference To Support Individuals With Developmental Disabilities And Their Support Circles. Here is the link for this press release.

Here is an overview of the conference that is scheduled to take place on 5-7 and 5-8:

How to Access your I/DD Health Records in Therap

A two day event designed to personalize the use of computers in order to aid self-advocates and those who support them access their electronic health records and communicate their goals and ambitions using the web.

Three tracks for self-advocates, family members, and agency staff:

Self-Advocates/People with Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities:

Round table discussion with other advocates on how they use computers
Hands on activities using computers and the internet
Tips on using computers and technology for self-advocating
What to share with others and why or why not
Circle of Supports/Parents/Family Members/Guardians:

Hands on activities using computers and the internet
Using technology to access documentation and expressing thoughts
Confidentiality rules and regulations
Family Members’ responsibilities in respecting agency needs
Tips and discussion about effective communication using technology
Now that you have access, what do you do with it?
Agency Staff:

Round table discussions on security and access concerns
Facing facts, fears, and myths about communication with self-advocates/family
Agency policies to be considered
Discussion – What to give Access to and related issues
How staff are to work with Families and Self Advocates who use Therap

This is very exciting. We hope to see you there!

Michelle :)