Take a look at the new document storage option in Therap.  This information has been highlighted in Leah’s blog and I wanted to make sure you were all aware of this new option to store important client information.

If you would like more info on this feature let us know and we will be glad to add this to your account with us.


HIPAA Secure Document Storage Module Is Just the Thing doc storage1

As part of the Therap 2014.1 Release,  we have added the Document Storage module stand-alone feature that was previously only available as part of our CCHIT Certified EHR Package.

With the Document Storage module, different types of External Documents such as Admission Order, Authorization, Consultant Report, Discharge Order, Lab Result, Progress Notes and Referral Document can now be stored for Individuals. Additional details such as Received Date, Validity Range, Description and Comments can also be added while storing a document for an individual. This module allows users to store large amount of Individual documents at one convenient place.

Here are a few facts about the Document Storage module:

  • the list of document types is configured at the provider level
  • the module now has the ability to store a total of up to 1GB per individual and each file can be up to 10MB in size (the CCHIT EHR version remains the same size, with a max of 10MB) 
  • the 1GB per individual limit is not affected by documents attached within other modules
  • the module is currently controlled by the ‘Individual’ Admin role found on the User Privileges page
  • as with all Therap modules, the document storage module is a HIPAA-secure method of storing documents electronically
  • introductory pricing is available, to inquire about cost contact Therap’s Regional Director or Business Consultant in your area, or mail the sales team at sales@therapservices.net, or call us at 203-596-7553 Ext 4