Hi Everyone!
I wanted to communicate that I have scheduled several Information Sessions for the following states:  Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin.  If you are looking for a web based electronic documentation system, you have come to the right place!  If you are already a Therap customer, consider forwarding this information to an agency that is ready to see some of the benefits Therap has to offer!

Therap is a web-based electronic documentation system that fulfills your record keeping needs and improves the service-related communication at your agency. You’ll notice an overall increase in the quality of care you provide to persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The Training and Implementation team of Therap also makes sure you have a smooth transition to using our applications and that your front-line workers are comfortable with it.

Therap provides electronic forms for incident reporting, health and medical records, support plans, goal tracking, daily logs, progress notes, incident reporting, Employment History and lots of reports. Other than HIPAA compliance and improved communication, you’ll notice that having an efficient documentation management system also improves surveys and audits! There are also modules for Medicaid billing, staff training/certifications management and more!

3/3/15 10am/1pm CST
4/9/15, 10am/1pm CST

3/5/15 10am/1pm CST
4/15/15, 10am/1pm CST

3/4/15 10am/1pm CST
4/14/15, 10am/1pm CST

3/24/15 10am/2pm EST
4/16/15, 10am/2pm EST

Contact  me, Michelle Saunders,  at michelle.saunders@therapservices.net to sign up for any Information Session.
(This is an online meeting, and requires no registration fees.)


Michelle :)