When I left Kansas City last Monday it was around 60 degrees. By the time I reached Minneapolis six and a half hours later the temperature reduced by half! When I woke up the next morning there was even snow on the ground! Regardless of the less than ideal weather we had a week full of awesome meetings with providers in Minnesota! The week started in the greater Minneapolis area meeting with a couple of providers interested in learning more about Therap as well as a couple of our current Therap users. Jeff Case joined me on Wednesday and we made a trip down to New Ulm and then back up to the cities to finish off the week with a couple other providers interested in learning more about what Therap has to offer.

With all of the waiver changes going on in Minnesota we had a lot to talk about! I’m sure our current providers have taken a look at our IAPP custom form, but have you checked our the SMA and CSSP Addendum in test mode? Please reach out to me with questions or suggestions about our new forms at jordan.siedhoff@therapservices.net. Happy Monday everyone!!