The IARF conference ended today in Naperville and it was a great few days!  Tom Pomeranz started the conference off with an awesome and thought provoking keynote called “Igniting a Vision for Change.”  Secretary Dimas spoke regarding how things are going at DHS.  I also attended a wonderful session by John Pingo and David Rebelak called “Using Cinematic Action-Based Instruction to Shift the Workplace Training Paradigm.”  This session showed a very different way to complete staff training.  The example was for Bloodborne Pathogens training and the scenario was that we all were workers for the CDC and there was a dangerous strain of a virus that broke out in our demographic area.  We were placed in small groups and needed to answer questions about Bloodborne Pathogens in order to save the world!!!  There were several applicable movie clips that kept our attention and helped us to better to understand necessary precautions and responses for the situation and to apply Bloodborne Pathogens procedures. (Luckily, I was in the group that won and saved the world!!)  Here is a picture of me and another group member (Karla from Progressive Housing – an awesome Therap customer!!)


Notice that the shirt says “I saved the world from a vampire zombie infection at IARF 2015 and all I got was this lousy T-Shirt.”

I really believe this is a wonderful and innovative way to train new employees!

Here is another selfie without the zombie t-shirt:



We were also celebrating the 40th anniversary of IARF!  I was so thrilled to have the big birthday cake next to my booth!!




Can’t wait for next year’s conference!  Have a great weekend!

Michelle :)