Calvin assisting Candeo staff.

Calvin Christensen has been busy providing training to the staff at Candeo in Johnston, IA (Des Moines).  I have been ‘riding shotgun’ to provide additional support, should the need arise.   When finished on the 18th, Calvin will have provided 22 training sessions on Candeo’s initial modules.

Candeo moved up their GO LIVE date to 12/21 to better align with the end of the training sessions.  Everyone is excited to begin collecting data on Therap this coming Monday.   Staff have told us they believe Therap is easier than the platform they are leaving.  Out with the old and in with the new! 

This has been a great experience for both Calvin and me.  It is clear that a tremendous amount of time and preparation has been made by Candeo for this launch.  They had the smallest of details covered to ensure staff had the tools and information they need, not only for the actual training sessions, but also after the launch.


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