Last week Calvin and I spent time in Decorah, Iowa working with providers in the community.  We thoroughly enjoyed our time with these teams.


Calvin training the FCS front line staff.

Full Circle Services serves over 170 individuals in Northeast Iowa.  They had completed their Therap account prep and we provided the staff training (along with the FCS management team).  GO LIVE was April 1st for the sites & programs in the Decorah area.  Everyone was excited to begin the use of Therap.

FCS was extremely planful with their launch process.  The Decorah team serves 46 individuals.  As they “learn and adapt”, process improvements and adjustments will be made as they bring their Waterloo, IA teams online.  To that end, Calvin and I also trained their management team in that market.

Please welcome Full Circle Service into the Iowa User Community!

I also had the  pleasure of meeting and working with the team at Choice Employment Services.  They began using Therap a year ago, but with all of the changes in the Iowa I/DD landscape, implementation took a back seat to preparation for the Managed Care initiative.  With their prep completed, it is now time to re-launch their Therap platform.

We had a tremendous meeting, reviewed Therap and framed up a re-launch plan.  Choice will be completing their individuals input and ISP Programs.  Once complete, we will proceed with field data collection and looking at the next steps in maximizing their platform.  I am excited to assist them with this process.

Please re-welcome Choice Employment Services to the Iowa User Community!

IMG_20160328_193921453On a personal note…  Decorah is known for it’s local restaurants.  Being a college town and tourist destination, the offering is wide.  I arrived in town in the early evening and was hoping that, on a Monday night, I could find something open other than a fast food joint.  As luck would have it, the Old Armory BBQ was still serving.  Being a BBQ fan, I parked the car and went in.

I know that to get a good night’s rest, you are not to eat a big meal close to bedtime, but I had no idea that the Brisket Platter was going to be this big.  It was so good, I went back on Tuesday for lunch.

Nothing like eating your way through Decorah!

Until next time… Best,