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KC Conference Hotel Info

I wanted to make sure and inform everyone who may be looking to register and make arrangements for the upcoming KC conference that the hotel name has changed.  The hotel is the same one and at the same place, but the name of it has changed.  The Holiday Inn CoCo Key is now named the Adam’s Mark CoCo Key.  If you would like to make arrangements to stay at the hotel you can contact them at 816-737-4776.  The hotel address is 9103 E. 39th St, KCMO 64133.

If you call the number to make arrangements be sure and ask for the Therap block of rooms that have been established at a discounted rate.  We look forward to seeing all of you at the conference next month!

State of Oklahoma Governor’s Conference

State of Oklahoma Conference

This week I am catching up with folks in Norman, OK at the Governor’s Conference on Developmental Disabilities.  The event is taking place at the Embassy Suites in Norman and featured Tina Campanella as the keynote speaker.  The theme for this year’s conference is “A Journey to a Good Life” and continues through today.  The conference has provided several opportunity to network and connect with current Therap users as well as speak with some folks yet to experience the efficiencies of a web based documentation solution.

APDDA Conference

Hopefully you had a chance to join us at the National Conference we hosted in Atlanta, GA. What a great conference as we once again set a new attendance record.
This week I am spending time with the Association of Professional Developmental Disability Administrators in San Antonio, TX. The conference has administrators from over 22 states gathered in the Alamo City. Today’s Session was highlighted with a Panel of presenters from the states of Texas, Oklahoma, and Tennessee.

Tomorrow we look forward to hearing from Dan Berland to get a sense of the Emerging Trends and Issues in the DD Systems across the US. I always look forward to this presentation as he does a great job of getting a comprehensive view of things across the country. It is amazing how everyone has different issues and at the same time many of the same issues that must be addressed in different ways.

Hopefully your new year is off to a great start! I look forward to a great 2015!!!

Employment History is a New Module Worth Taking a Look

So have you had some time to look at the new Employment History Module that has been added in Therap.  The module provides the opportunity for agencies to create employment and volunteering history for individuals. Using this module the Administrator can create, update or delete employers, contact persons and job templates. Users can create, update or delete employment referral, assessment, employment milestone, career development plan, training and coaching, application and interview and job details using this module.

As this module continues and more agencies utilize this module we can expect to see future enhancements and functionality.  Employment and the ability to track specific data points is becoming increasingly important for agencies to track and Therap is working hard to look at solutions to provide agencies to do just kind of tracking.

Take some time to click on the link to find out more about employment history…http://support.therapservices.net/display/documentation/Employment+History


A New Year

It is just hours away now as 2014 is winding down and it is great as so many new agencies have joined us at Therap throughout this year for a more effective, efficient way of doing your documentation.  As this year ends we so look forward to many of you joining us for our National Convention this year in Atlanta, GA.

The conference will include:

  • A Reception for Arriving Attendees on January 26, 2015
  • Training for All Levels of Users, from Beginners to Advanced
  • Reception for Therap Certified Trainers
  • Introduction to New Modules and Mobile Apps
  • Interactive Discussions and Q&A on Therap Usage and Best Practices
  • Presentations from Therap Users from Different Service Providers
  • Brainstorming About the Future Needs of the ID/DD Services Industry

It’s also a great opportunity for you to network with people from agencies across the country and share experiences.

The conference will take place January 27th-29th and I hope you will join us there.  If you would like more details please click on the link and follow to https://www.therapservices.net/conferences/?p=3192.


SC is the newest state to join the Therap

WATERBURY, Conn., Nov. 12, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Therap Services, leader in electronic documentation software for Intellectual Disability and Developmental Disability Service Providers, announces it has been selected as the statewide Software as a System (SaaS) Reporting System for South Carolina Department of Disabilities and Special Needs (SCDDSN).

“Therap Services is excited to work with the state of South Carolina as the electronic documentation and communication solution for the Department of Disabilities and Special Needs.” Stated Justin Brockie, Therap Services COO. “We are honored to have the opportunity to bring Therap’s secure transparency to South Carolina’s state teams, DSN Boards, providers, and citizens.”

“The new partnership between SCDDSN and Therap is an exciting and vital step in improving the quality of care and services for thousands of individuals with disabilities in South Carolina. The benefits are multifold from both the individual perspective and the statewide level,” commented Dr. Beverly Buscemi, SCDDSN’s State Director. “Therap offers us a comprehensive system to facilitate communication between caregivers, support professionals, specialists and families to better meet the needs of an individual while simultaneously enhancing our ability as the state’s system to collect, track and report sensitive information to meet state and federal requirements. This new venture will move us forward in providing quality services.”

Barry Pollack, Southeast Regional Director for Therap Services, states “The partnership between Therap Services and South Carolina Department of Disabilities and Special Needs is a remarkable stride in its provision of the highest quality care to individuals. In its commitment to increase communication and maintain stellar documentation through use of Therap Services, SCDDSN remains on target with their mission to assist people with disabilities and their families in meeting needs, pursuing possibilities and achieving life goals.”

Therap Services applications and certified Electronic Health Record (EHR) provide the documentation components needed by Intellectual Disability and Developmental Disability Service Agencies to maintain their focus while adapting to a changing environment within the Human Services industry. State and federal agencies and standards, including CMS and HIPAA, mandate strict requirements on accurately tracking incidents, including those reports of abuse and neglect and prevention of Medicaid fraud. Therap’s customers can complete and monitor documentation efficiently across secure domains, enabling them to focus on providing higher quality services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Therap is used across disciplines in the I/DD field per the CMS home and community-based services (HCBS) requirements. Therap applications include over 70 modules ranging from documentation of service provision through a daily note, to person centered planning tools, incident report management, health assessments and individual care plans, an electronic MAR integrated with an industry-standard drug database, an individual referral process for state and multi-provider systems, a comprehensive report library for internal and external audits, to electronic billing direct to Medicaid through a secure, HIPAA 5010-compliant method.

About Therap Services, LLC

Therap Services provides secure, web-based documentation, communication and electronic billing services to over 1400 intellectual disability providers across the United States as well as for twelve state government ID systems of care.

This includes a certified EHR, HIPAA compliant Medicaid and private billing, service documentation and secure communication and data sharing between all stakeholders including families and self advocates.

Therap’s software-as-a-service solution is used in HCBS Waiver, ICF/IID and other services to document residential and community based supports, employment supports, case management, incident reporting, management of staff training records and for electronic billing claim submissions directly to Medicaid.

Learn more at www.TherapServices.net.

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Have you registered for Therap Conference in Round Rock, TX?


Electronic Documentation

for I/DD Service Providers

September 10-11, 2014

Therap Services, as the electronic documentation leader in the Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities field, welcomes you to attend a conference designed for providers in Texas, OKlahoma, and the Southwest.

Therap conferences are an ideal place for both prospective and current customers to learn about new developments and practical uses for electronic documentation and reporting including: Individual Supports, Incident Report Management, Electronic Health Record (EHR), Quality Assurance, Electronic Billing, Management of Staff Trainings and Certifications.

This event will include beginner, intermediate and advanced level sessions with focus on:

  • Implementation of the certified EHR and Documentation Software Solution
  • HCBS specific documentation including Person Centered Planning
  • Face Sheets and Emergency Data Forms
  • Individualized Service Delivery Logs
  • Medication Administration Records
  • Health and Appointment Tracking
  • Comprehensive Nursing Reports
  • Incident and Event Reporting
  • Quality Assurance resources
  • Mobile Applications

Be sure to visit our Round Rock, TX Conference Page for more information.
We look forward to seeing you in Texas!


Therap is a patented documentation, reporting and communications software solution used by state systems and provider agencies working with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in home and community-based services (HCBS), intermediate care facilities for the developmentally disabled (ICF-DD) and other settings. Over 220,000 people across 1300 agencies are using Therap’s paperless solution to increase communication and improve quality of care. Therap is HIPAA OMNIBUS ACT OF 2013 compliant. To learn more about Therap please visit www.TherapServices.net.


If you haven’t taken time to sign up for the OK user group next week I want to encourage you to take some time and plan right now to be apart of this valuable time together.  The meeting will take place at DJK in Ada, OK at 10am.  The address is 603 East Main Ada, Oklahoma.

Maybe you are asking….what is a user group?
A user group is a meeting of Therap users in the same region with the aim to troubleshoot, network, discuss regional issues and get information on the latest Therap releases. You may also ask questions and get help on any topic regarding the usage of Therap at your agency from the attending Therap team members.

If you plan on coming please give me a call and let me know you plan to attend the user group meeting or drop me an email at jeff.case@therapservices.net or 816-522-3683.

See you next week.

New Document Storage Option in Therap

Take a look at the new document storage option in Therap.  This information has been highlighted in Leah’s blog and I wanted to make sure you were all aware of this new option to store important client information.

If you would like more info on this feature let us know and we will be glad to add this to your account with us.


HIPAA Secure Document Storage Module Is Just the Thing doc storage1

As part of the Therap 2014.1 Release,  we have added the Document Storage module stand-alone feature that was previously only available as part of our CCHIT Certified EHR Package.

With the Document Storage module, different types of External Documents such as Admission Order, Authorization, Consultant Report, Discharge Order, Lab Result, Progress Notes and Referral Document can now be stored for Individuals. Additional details such as Received Date, Validity Range, Description and Comments can also be added while storing a document for an individual. This module allows users to store large amount of Individual documents at one convenient place.

Here are a few facts about the Document Storage module:

  • the list of document types is configured at the provider level
  • the module now has the ability to store a total of up to 1GB per individual and each file can be up to 10MB in size (the CCHIT EHR version remains the same size, with a max of 10MB) 
  • the 1GB per individual limit is not affected by documents attached within other modules
  • the module is currently controlled by the ‘Individual’ Admin role found on the User Privileges page
  • as with all Therap modules, the document storage module is a HIPAA-secure method of storing documents electronically
  • introductory pricing is available, to inquire about cost contact Therap’s Regional Director or Business Consultant in your area, or mail the sales team at sales@therapservices.net, or call us at 203-596-7553 Ext 4

Kansas Billing Press Release

Therap now connects directly with all Managed Care Organizations in Kansas.

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WATERBURY, Conn., May 1, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Therap Services, the leader in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities electronic health record (EHR) and software solutions, has announced I/DD services provider agencies utilizing Therap Services Billing Support solutions in Kansas can now bill within the required billing unit validations to Amerigroup, Centene’s Sunflower Health Plan and United HealthCare Managed Care Organizations (MCO’s) in Kansas.

The Kansas Department of Aging and Disability Services (KDADS) has outlined billing guidelines for Day Support Services, Code T2021, with Unit limitations per day, per week, as well as monthly and annual service limits for individuals. Therap Services electronic billing solutions assists I/DD service providers in meeting the KanCare and the Kansas Medical Assistance Program (KMAP) Medicaid audit compliance regulations.

Jeff Case, Central Region Director at Therap Services states: “The Therap team is committed to supplying I/DD Providers inKansas the most effective software solution for direct submission to the state Medicaid system. We anticipate agencies supporting individuals with disabilities will benefit greatly from the Therap System’s efficiencies as they seamlessly document supports, bill electronically and track utilization of services.”

Each month, Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Service Providers utilize Therap’s electronic Billing Support applications for submission of professional claims, institutional claims, for tracking of service authorizations, completion of goal-related data to validate service provision and attendance data. A service is configured to generate billable units automatically from its attendance data or ISP data that are already entered into Therap by agency staff. Therap’s Billing Support module uses an integrated approach for creation of claims/invoices, regardless of whether an agency will submit their ANSI X-12 837P and 837I claims electronically or through the professional paper claim form (CMS 1500). The option to enter units manually is also available. The automated generation of billing units using information from different Therap modules ensures a simplified experience for our customers.

Therap Services electronic billing applications assist providers in avoiding any over-billing errors and unnecessary recoupments of payments for services. Therap’s electronic Billing Support applications incorporate a variety of billing reports including a utilization report that tracks service units utilized over a given period of time. This report grants providers the ability to chart percentages of total utilization, plan and monitor service units, reduce number of unused service units and view remaining days, expiration status, and unit costs.

Therap Services applications are certified as an electronic health record (EHR) under CCHIT’s Long Term and Post-Acute Care Standard. Therap has been reviewed by SOC 2 Report which is relevant to the security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy practices of a service organization. The SOC 2 Report for Therap’s Intellectual and Developmental Disability software solution covers the AICPA Trust principles; a set of professional attestation and advisory services based on a core set of principles and criteria that address the risks and opportunities of IT-enabled systems and privacy programs.

About Therap Services, LLC

Therap Services patented developmental disabilities software solution supports compliance with standards as required for funding through Centers for Medicaid & Medicare Services at both state system and agency levels. Therap is used in 47 states and internationally by 1,300 organizations providing supports to over 220,000 people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in home and community-based services (HCBS), intermediate care facilities for the developmentally disabled (ICF-DD), day treatment programs, developmental centers and other settings.

Secure applications offered by Therap include individual support modules such as incident reporting, medication error reporting, behavior tracking, individual service plans, goal tracking, health records, medication administration records and case management notes, among others. Therap offers solutions for employee training management and employee scheduling. Therap Services components include electronic billing with service authorizations, attendance and professional claim tracking modules and utilization report features. Therap’s HIPAA, HITECH and ARRA compliant software applications are suitable for day programs, residential services, supported living, home health, case management, employment and vocational services and community support programs.


SOURCE Therap Services, LLC

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