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IACP Conference

This week Jeff Mau and I had the wonderful opportunity to spend time with our awesome providers in Iowa while attending the IACP conference in Ames. All of the folks we talked to seemed pretty excited to have a Therap representative local! Jeff Mau resides in Des Moines and is more than excited to begin getting to know all of our current Iowa providers and all of the Iowa providers who want to know more about Therap!

We have some pretty awesome Therap orange water bottles and large individual home posters to give out so make sure you stop by our Therap booth next week at the ARRM conference in Minnesota to pick some up!

Jeff Mau at the IACP Conference


Snow at the end of March… We must be in the Midwest!

When I left Kansas City last Monday it was around 60 degrees. By the time I reached Minneapolis six and a half hours later the temperature reduced by half! When I woke up the next morning there was even snow on the ground! Regardless of the less than ideal weather we had a week full of awesome meetings with providers in Minnesota! The week started in the greater Minneapolis area meeting with a couple of providers interested in learning more about Therap as well as a couple of our current Therap users. Jeff Case joined me on Wednesday and we made a trip down to New Ulm and then back up to the cities to finish off the week with a couple other providers interested in learning more about what Therap has to offer.

With all of the waiver changes going on in Minnesota we had a lot to talk about! I’m sure our current providers have taken a look at our IAPP custom form, but have you checked our the SMA and CSSP Addendum in test mode? Please reach out to me with questions or suggestions about our new forms at jordan.siedhoff@therapservices.net. Happy Monday everyone!!

Exciting New Addition to the Therap Regional Conference in Burnsville, MN!

We are very excited to announce Direct Course (The College of Direct Support) has just confirmed they will be leading sessions at our Therap Regional Conference in Burnsville, Minnesota next week! They will be in attendance all day on August 20th and half day on August 21st! There is still time to register! The link below will take you to the registration page as well as the conference schedule (which will be updated shortly to include the CDS sessions). Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions! I can be reached by email at Jordan.Mar@therapservices.net or on the phone at (203)233-9378. We’re looking forward to seeing all of you at the conference!!


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Therap National Conference Airport Transportation

Hello fellow Therapites! To assist in assuring you’re in the right spot to catch the bus tomorrow (Monday, January 27th) we’ve taken some photos of the meeting spots at both terminals B & C. First things first! Here is the awesome bus you’ll be looking for :



There will be a Therap logo on the door and windshield





Southwest and Delta Passengers meet at gate 45 (Terminal B)



For Southwest and Delta passengers look for parking tower 2 outside of gate 45

If you are arriving on a United, US Airways, America, Frontier or any other airline in Terminal C you will be meeting in front of the US Airways bag claim area. You’ll want to look for this sign outside:

Anyone landing in Terminal C (US Airways, American, United, Frontier) will meet outside of gate 81

The bus will be parked across from the above pictured sign here:

Bus outside of Terminal C

To download the bus schedule please click here:


Please don’t hesitate to contact Jeff Case (816-522-3683) or Chris Johnson (816-520-5533) with any questions. Their numbers are also listed on the above posted bus schedule. We’re looking forward to seeing you all and having a great week!!


The Land of 10,000 Lakes

I was able to spend a fantastic week and a half in Minnesota with 3 awesome new providers who are beginning to use Therap! It was also a nice escape from the Midwestern heat and you cannot beat scenery like this…

The view from Synstelin Community Services

My week started out at Access of the Red River Valley, then I spent a few days at Synstelin Community Services, and ended my week and a half with Connections of Moorehead.

Connections is going green with Therap!

Training at Connections!

So excited to welcome these 3 awesome agencies to Therap!! Also, thanks to the folks at Connections for suggesting I spend my weekend in Minnesota here…

Detroit Lakes, MN

Better late than never?

As my sunburns have finally finished healing I suppose it’s time to accept the fact I am no longer in Hawaii and share some photos with all of you from the Therap regional conference in Honolulu, HI!

Waikiki beach with Diamond Head in the background!

Kevin showed us around town the first night we got in. Here is my first Hawaiian sunset!!

The folks at the conference were SO welcoming and I had a GREAT time leading sessions on all things Therap with this group! Here are a few shots from the conference!

Plenary Session!

Playing DSP on Planet EPTHAR... Click on the photo to try it out!!

After the conference was over I got to spend two days wandering around Oahu! I enjoyed breakfast on the beach, a luau, a tour around the entire island (which included driving past Jackie Chan’s summer home!) and an entire day on the beach which I kept with me until my skin finished peeling a few days ago Emoticon showing smiley face Here are a couple more photos from my adventures!

At a beautiful beach just east of Waikiki!

Sleeping Dragon Mountain at Hanauma Bay! Can you see its head and shoulder?

At the Dole Pineapple Plantation! I had the most delicious pineapple sorbet... makes my mouth water just thinking about it!

Can you spot the man who climbed to the top of the coconut tree?


I took a little sail! In the background is Waikiki and Diamond Head

Can you spy the sunburn shining through? The white bird on the left kept giving me kisses on my cheek while we were taking photos!

I’ve missed Hawaii everyday since I got back, and can’t wait to return!! The last couple of weeks I have spent touring around the state of Nebraska, which is very near and dear to my heart since it’s where I was raised! Last week I met with state service coordinators in the Eastern half of the state to discuss the new budget module and ISP (or IPP to all of my Nebraskans). I received SUCH a warm welcome from the service coordinators, to which I was grateful! We had some really great discussions about the modules already implemented in the state of Nebraska and those which are coming in the near future. I urge any agencies in Nebraska who aren’t fulling utilizing Therap to contact me so I can show you what this great program has to offer!! I’ll be returning soon Nebraska friends! Can’t wait to get some “hands on” time with the service coordinators! Until next time, aloha fellow Therap lovers!


Hey there Therapville Midwest! It’s been a while since my last post and so much has happened! Starting with my first conference of the season in Dover, DE. A fellow Therap support staff picked me up from the airport and this is what I saw when I sat down in the backseat…

How you know you're addicted to Therap....

I got to meet the great folks of Delaware and also our two newest support staff; Leah and Elliott! One of my favorite parts of the trip was getting to see my grandparents before flying out of Baltimore! They surprised me with this awesome ice cream cake

Shhhh don't tell my 6 other siblings!

After Delaware I headed to Minnesota for a week of training and exhibited at the ARRM Conference in St. Paul. My first training was with these awesome folks at SMB Homes.

Hard at working learning all things Therap!

SMB Homes sits on (I believe) 8 gorgeous acres! I sure could get used to these Minnesota summers!

At the ARRM Conference I was able to meet staff from almost all of our providers in Minnesota! My favorite parts of the conference are when staff from those agencies would voluntarily come stand at the booth with me to tell all of the passerby’s how fantastic Therap is and how much they love using the program! If you spot us at any conference PLEASE come up and say hi! I love catching up with all of the agencies we are working with, being such a virtual company it is so nice to be able to put faces with all of the names and email addresses  :) Alright folks! That’s it for now! Have a great week everyone!

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Week in Minnesota!

I just returned back to Kansas City after spending a week with 3 awesome agencies in Minnesota! First I did some onsite training with the great supervisors and DSP’s at JEC Miller.

Awesome staff at JEC Miller!!

Cool quote on the wall in the training room

I then met with the Executive Director and Supervisors at Genesis Group Homes and they certainly tested my Therap knowledge! They have a couple of Therap experts there! I think the session was incredibly beneficial for both of us! After Genesis Group Homes I was able to chat with a few of the supervisors at Rudolph Community and Care about the implementation of Therap at their agency.

Of course my second favorite part of being in Minnesota (other than visiting with the amazing providers of course) was visiting the Mall of America… the whole ‘no sales tax on clothes or shoes’ will be the death of my bank account!

This store calls my name... all of the time....

There’s a lot going on with Therap in Minnesota so I’m sure I’ll be seeing you all again very soon! Until next time Therapville!

Southern Hospitality & Midwest Memories

I was able to spend some time with the awesome people of The Charles Lea Center in South Carolina a few weeks ago and discovered southern hospitality was no joke! When leaving The Charles Lea Center it felt like leaving family, even though Stacey and I were only there a few days.

Charles Lea Center Staff

Stacey and I also enjoyed pizza as big as our faces at Venus Pie Pizzeria in Spartanburg, SC!

New York Style Pizza!

Last week Jeff, Justin, and I spent a few days training the Service Coordinators in Lincoln, NE! We reviewed GER’s and management summaries with them. Nebraska will also soon begin using a referral module created for them by Therap. The Service Coordinators seemed very excited and we had many ask when they would be able to use even more parts of the system.

Nebraska Service Coordinators

However, my favorite part about getting to go to Lincoln for work is seeing my family! My second favorite part is getting to see my cute doggy who is living with her grandparents until I have a little more time to hang out with her!

My puppy Smudge!

I am spending this week in Minnesota! Check back next week for photos of the amazing agencies I am working with here this week!

Kansas City, MO Conference!

Hey Therapville Midwest!! Just a friendly reminder about our upcoming conference at the CoCo Key Water Resort in Kansas City May 22nd and 23rd! Early bird pricing for rooms at CoCo Key have to be booked by April 20th… only 16 short days away! I also received this Groupon in my email today I thought I would share with all of you current & future Therap users who may be coming to the conference and bringing children with you (or you love lazy river’s like myself)… This is a great deal for half off for two passes to the 55,000-square-foot water park water park as well as a discount on pizza and drinks! The deal ends in a day and a half so take advantage for some entertainment after the awesome conference sessions!!

How fun does this look?!

See you all in May!


P.S. Don’t forget to register for the conference here !

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