Therap- A Proud Sponsor of 2018 Oklahoma APSE Conference

Therap is a Proud sponsor of 2018 Oklahoma APSE Conference which will be held in Tulsa Technology Center, Owasso Campus 10800 N. 140th East Ave. in Owasso, on September 25, 2018. The mission of the conference is to:

  • Promote mainstream employment opportunities for people with disabilities
  • Encourage the use of best practices and ethical standards in the delivery of employment services
  • Advocate for national, state, and local policy development to enhance the social and economic participation of people with disabilities in the community
  • Educate the public and the business community on the value of employing workers with disabilities
  • Provide advocacy and education for supported employment professionals, supported workers and their families
  • Publish the advance and working out newsletters for members

The conference will be an excellent avenue for sharing and exchanging information between provider agencies that promotes quality support and services to persons with disabilities across the state of Oklahoma. Therap’s system is robust, I/DD providers receive many options that go beyond simply providing a software solution. Therap takes it a step further by offering expertise plus a very flexible out-of-the-box-ready documentation system that is delivered with State-specific requirements.

Make sure to stop by our booth!

1 month remaining for 2nd Annual Therap National Certified Trainers Summit in Missouri!

Have you registered yet?

This year’s Therap Certified Trainer Summit will be in Drury Plaza Hotel St. Louis St. Charles in Missouri and is less than a month away. This event will focus on highly interactive small group discussions, especially on the direction of the Certified Trainers program itself and keep the Trainers’ ideas moving forward.

Training will be the main focus of the Summit. Certified Trainers will be invited to give feedback and participate in the development of the agenda prior to the event.

Registration is complimentary. Lunches, snacks/refreshments and Wednesday evening dinner will be included in the registration. Travel and accommodations are not included, but we have a room block with a special Therap rate.

*This is a certified trainer-only event.

Click on the link to register:

Tomorrow is Therap’s Regional Conference in Orange Beach, Alabama!

The clocks are ticking; the registration will close in less than 24 hours! Have you booked your seat yet?

We look forward to seeing all of you at tomorrow’s Regional Conference in Orange Beach, Alabama!

Register here:

Therap in Alabma

Therap is happy to be working with providers in Alabama! The Department of Mental Health Division of Developmental Disabilities has mandated the use of Therap for Incident Reporting throughout the State of Alabama.

Use of Therap for the documentation of Incident Reports will allow a more transparent and efficient process statewide. Implementation of Therap began in early 2016. Providers began using Therap’s General Event Report module effective July 1st, 2016.

Illinois User Group Meeting

Therap users in the state of Illinois are welcome to join our user group webinar which will take place on March 27, 2018 at 1:30 PM CST. We look forward to discussing with you items from the latest Therap update, scheduling module, EVV Documentation, state specific modules and Therap’s response to the recently released joint report by Office of Inspector General (OIG), Administration for Community Living (ACL) and Office for Civil Rights (OCR).

Illinois provider agencies currently use Therap to meet various documentations needs, including demographics, person-centered individual support plans, care plans and more. Therap’s Billing applications include the ability to collect the necessary information required for submitting billing to the ROCS system such as Funding Source and Service Description code. The ROCS Billing option allows providers to download ROCS’ Fee- for- Service Claim Files, generated on Therap, and Import these FFS Claims directly via FTP Upload to the Illinois Department of Human Services Community Reporting System (DHSCRS). Additional features help to track claims for which ROCS Reports have already been created in order to avoid generating ROCS Report for the same claims.

Click here to register.

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Minnesota Therap News: CSSP Custom Form / ISP Agenda / Billing Claims Mandate for Waiver Services

CSSP Custom Form in Therap being updated.

Matt Wahl from PKT shared the updated regs regarding the inclusion of technology questions in the CSSP form.  ARRM has published an example of the prefered verbiage.  I have made the request to have the form updated for this purpose, with the ARRM sample copy.

Deb Koop from LSS shared the updated reg from 245D.07.Subd.4. “Service outcomes and supports”.  These points are earmarked for inclusion in the CSSP as well.  If anyone has a sample of the questions or verbiage the state is suggesting for “Service Outcomes and Supports”, please send them to me. 

Updates as available.

Request for the 245D “Progress Review Summary” form to be added.

Matt Wahl also asked if it would be possible to add the Progress Review Summary form to Therap.  I have advanced this to our development team for review.  If this request is granted, I will advise.

MN Specific ISP Agenda Questions.

At the August MN Regional Conference, during the ISP Plan / Agenda session we discussed the possibility of enhancing the menu of questions in the agenda for MN needs.  With the user community’s assistance, I have a proposal into our developers to add questions for…

  • Admission
  • 30-Day
  • 45-Day
  • Quarterly
  • Semi-Annual
  • Annual
  • Progress Review Summary
  • Other Meeting Type

…which also includes questions for the Final Rule Medicaid HCBS CMS 2249-F and CMS 2296-F.

Since this makes the menu quite long (62 options), I have also proposed the addition of a “guidance” section to help you make the proper selections per meeting type (e.g. Questions 11 through 25 are suggested by 245D for individual intake / admission / initial planning meetings).

We are keeping the developers busy!

Is your agency ready for the February 5th, 2018 billing change mandate?

On 2/5/18, the day-to-day billing submission mandate is effective for waiver services.  Batch claims without daily service line items will be denied by MN-ITs.   Per Barb Turner at ARRM, all other services have this requirement.  MN-ITs made the decision to bring waiver services into alignment earlier this year.

If you are using the Billing Plus moduleyou already know that Therap has been compliant with this upcoming mandate since the functionality was introduced in Minnesota.

If you still seek a solution, adding Billing Plus to your Therap system is very worthy of consideration.  Submit claims directly from your Therap service documentation or Attendance Data.  Therap & MN-ITs get along well!  

Contact me directly to schedule an informational webinar with Dawn Gilder, our Therap MN Billing Specialist.  Dawn can be reached at

And finally…

Our Data Driven Outcomes with Business Intelligence module answers the question of how to best Measure Your Organization’s Most Important Data.  Therap held a webinar for ANCOR in October on the topic.  It’s a great overview of DDO, click here to watch it.



Iowa Billing User Group Webinar – 2nd Opportunity to Learn!

WOW!    What a great turnout on Tuesday the 7th  for our Iowa Billing User Group Webinar.   Thank you for attending!

The webinar video is now available.  Use these links to view…

If you missed the 11/7 IA User Group Webinar to address the “Iowa Tiered Rates & Billing Changes in the Billing Plus Module” or wish to attend again, there is a 2nd opportunity to do so.

Next Thursday the 16th at 2:00pm local time, our Iowa Therap Billing Specialist, Heather Thornton will again provide an overview of how to adjust your Therap Service Authorizations in preparation for the change to the tiered rate structure.

The intent of this training is to get you prepared and review the steps to complete your Therap Service Authorization updates.

This is open to the entire Iowa Therap User Community.

Use the following link to register:

You do not need to be a Therap Billing Plus Module subscriber to attend!

Questions? Seeking more clarity? Desire a 1:1 session? Please ask! Heather can be reached at We want you to be ready.



Are you going to the Therap Nat’l Conference?
If not, you should!

Therap Nat’l Conference – Jan 30-Feb 1, 2018 – Omaha, NE

Iowa Therap User Webinars: Tiered Rates & Billing Changes in the Billing Plus Module.

Please join our Iowa Therap Billing Specialist, Heather Thornton as she provides an overview of how to adjust your Therap Service Authorizations in preparation for the change to the tiered rate structure.

While you may not have your updated NOD’s just yet, the intent of this training is to get you prepared and review the steps to complete your service authorization updates when you have them in hand.

There will be 2 opportunities to attend these informational training sessions.

  • Tuesday, November 7th at 10:00am local time.
  • Thursday, November 16th at 2:00pm local time.

You may attend 1 or both.  As always, our webinars are offered at no charge to the Therap User Community.

Use the following link to register:

Use the pulldown menu to select your desired date / time (first list field).

You do not need to be a Therap Billing Plus Module subscriber to attend!

Questions? Please ask! Heather can be reached at

You may also reach the entire Central Team via email at



Are you going to the Therap Nat’l Conference?
If not, you should!

Therap Nat’l Conference – Jan 30-Feb 1, 2018 – Omaha, NE

We were at the 25th DDNA Conference in Dallas!

Last weekend (Thursday through Sunday) I was fortunate enough to represent Therap at the 25th Annual Developmental Disabilities Nurses Association (DDNA) Educational Conference.  It was held at the downtown Hyatt in Dallas, Texas.  This event was attended by nurses from all over the USA.   I counted somewhere near 300 I/DD nurses!  Obviously, all specialized in supporting individuals in service.   Quite a fun group!

Knowing that Therap was their Signature Sponsor, at the Friday evening Gala Celebration held at Eddie Deen’s Downtown Ranch, I was not aware that a photo booth with a live Texas Longhorn was included!  If you wanted, you could get your picture taken on this majestic animal.  Anyone who had a picture taken, received their picture riding off into the Texas sunset.

At first I thought the steer was a model, as it stood so still.  But, nope.  He was LIVE.  I asked the handler about his “pet” and, indeed, this beautiful animal was a family pet.  He was raised by the family as a companion animal.  Very much like a working dog, he loves to be around people and loves his job in the spotlight.  So much so that there is no need for any unnatural means of keeping him calm.

He lives in an air conditioned barn.  He travels in an air conditioned trailer.  He has a bed…not a bunch of hay….a BED.  And, is fed a top quality diet.  As the owner / handler stated, “His current life sure beats the alternative.”

This photo-op was a show stopper!!





Therap IA & MN User Group Webinars – March 27th

We will be hosting the 1Q User Group Webinars for IA & MN on Monday, March 27th.  If you have not done so already, please plan to join us!

User Groups are offered at no charge.    You do not need to be a Therap User to attend.

Iowa User Group:  9:00am – 10:00am.  Click here to register.
Minnesota User Group:  1:00pm – 2:00pm.  Click here to register.

We are planning to visit about the new Business Intelligence Module, Mobile ISP Data for iOS, upcoming Regional Conferences and other news.

Registration links can also be found on your Iowa or Minnesota state specific page in the Therap website.

See you next week at the MSSA Conference!  March 22-24.

If you are attending the  MSSA Annual Conference & Expo in Minneapolis next week, please swing by the Therap booth.  I’ll be there.  Looking forward to seeing you!

Therap IA & MN Regional Conference Dates.   SIGN UP TODAY AND SAVE!!

Iowa  / Illinois: May 31-June 1.  The event will be in Bettendorf (Quad Cities) at the Isle Casino Hotel.  Click here to learn more and to register.

Minnesota: August 15-16.  We will be returning the Best Western Premier in Burnsville.  Click here to learn more and to register.

Look for Therap at the following Spring Events…

April 7-10 – DDNA Annual Convention – Dallas, TX.
May 3-4 – IACP Annual Convention – Ames, IA.
June 7-8 – ARRM Annual Conference – Prior Lake, MN.

As always, please feel free to reach out at any time with any questions.




Is it March Already??

It’s just simply hard to believe that March is just a few days away.  Since the 1st of January, it’s been just a blur!  At least the weather wasn’t a ‘brrrrrr’.


In mid- January, I spent a week with Sarah Christiansen assisting with training staff at LifeScape Adult Services in Sioux Falls, SD.  (She was there for a 2 week run!)   LifeScape has been a long time Therap User for their children’s services.  They recently made the decision to begin using Therap in their adult services division, which meant there were many more staff to train.

The LifeScape team made us feel right at home.  They were wonderful hosts.  The IT guy even helped us tear down and pack the computers.

Thank for the dedicated internet access, the classroom…. and we really liked your Smartboard.


New Logo with TaglineThe following week I spent a day with Jeff Nichols, CEO at Opportunity Village in Clear Lake, IA, a long time Therap user.  We visited about use, different modules and solutions for the agency.  The fun stuff started when I was sent a link to a demo version of the new Business Intelligence for Demographics & GER’s.  This was the first time I had even touched the module.  Mr. Nichols and I explored and learned together.  Needless to say, we were both impressed.

Jeff was quick to point out how much time Opp Village could save with the GER Dashboard over the hours spent each month currently analysing GER data for monthly safety committee meetings.   The BI GER Dashboard could produce the analysis in minutes.   

Thank you, Jeff, for spending a very productive day with me.



The Therap “Jeff’s” at the 2017 Nat’l Conference.

On the following Sunday, I flew to New Jersey to attend the 2017 Therap National Conference.  More than 500 people attended from 35 states.  Every time I go to the Nat’l Conference I am just immersed into Therap for 3 solid days.   If you have not attended a Nat’l, you really need to go.  The exchange of information and learning is well worth the trip.

For those of you in IA, MN, NE, SD… you’ll be able to drive to the 2018 Therap Nat’l Conference.  It’s being held in Omaha!!

Mark you calendars:  Jan 30th through Feb 1st, 2018.  The Embassy Suites / LaVista Conference Center in “West O”.


On a personal note… Upon return from the Nat’l Conference, I had just a few days to wrap up some business and pack for a vacation.   Over the past 3Jeff and Anegada sunset. years I planned to take a vacation, but for health reasons in 2 of those years, it just wasn’t in the cards.   So… this was the year.

My crew and I chartered a sailboat and ‘cruised’ the British Virgin Islands.   The scenery was outstanding.  The food was great.  There was plenty of fun to be had…. but, to sail you must have wind.  The wind Gods took a break midway through our time and we ended up stay on Anegada a bit longer that we had planned…. darn.

Well, I am back at it.  The suntan…er….sunburn is fading, my feet are finally accepting socks and I cut off my dreads.

If you need assistance or have any questions, Therap or otherwise, feel free to reach out.



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