The Minnesota Conference… WOW!

IMG_0812Another Minnesota Therap Conference has come and gone.  It was the first conference I had a hand in organizing at the local level.  Given my predisposition to over think everything, I had a few sleepless nights prior to the event.  But, when all was said and done… this was a great meeting!

What made it great was the active participation of our attendees.  New users, tenured users and non-users made up the 112 participants and ALL were engaged.

This level of discourse is what makes these conferences worthwhile.  It was (and is) clear that the Therap community in Minnesota is not afraid to ask the tough questions of Therap staff and/or each other.  It was a tremendous learning experience.

I was pleasantly surprised at the unsolicited comments I received via email.  Here are just a few…

  • “Thanks Jeff.  We found the Conference very helpful and informative.”   – Matt Sharp, Living Well.
  • “Thank you for the best conference EVER!!!! ” – Leanne Negley, Rural Living Environments.
  • “Thank you.  It was a great session!!”  – Bethany McCabe, Cardinal of Minnesota.

Well… I appreciate the kudos, but this was a team effort and, more importantly, without our Therap user community, none of this would have been possible.

From our team to you…


Therap Team from left to right: Jeff Case, Michelle Saunders, Jeff Mau, Sarah Christensen, Calvin Christensen, Dawn Gilder.

thanks to all who participated in the Therap Minnesota Regional Conference!

Need help filling out the Security Risk Assessment (SRA) tool?

Therap has a video that is hot off the press to assist you to fill out your Security Risk Assessment.  Click below to view this video:

You can also find this video on Therap’s home page.

Here is more information regarding the Security Risk Assessment from the HHS website:

A new security risk assessment (SRA) tool to help guide health care providers in small to medium sized offices conduct risk assessments of their organizations is now available from HHS.

The SRA tool is the result of a collaborative effort by the HHS Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) and Office for Civil Rights (OCR). The tool is designed to help practices conduct and document a risk assessment in a thorough, organized fashion at their own pace by allowing them to assess the information security risks in their organizations under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Security Rule. The application, available for downloading at produces a report that can be provided to auditors.

HIPAA requires organizations that handle protected health information to regularly review the administrative, physical and technical safeguards they have in place to protect the security of the information. By conducting these risk assessments, health care providers can uncover potential weaknesses in their security policies, processes and systems.  Risk assessments also help providers address vulnerabilities, potentially preventing health data breaches or other adverse security events. A vigorous risk assessment process supports improved security of patient health data.

Conducting a security risk assessment is a key requirement of the HIPAA Security Rule and a core requirement for providers seeking payment through the Medicare and Medicaid EHR Incentive Program, commonly known as the Meaningful Use Program.

“Protecting patients’ protected health information is important to all health care providers and the new tool we are releasing today will help them assess the security of their organizations,” said Karen DeSalvo, M.D., national coordinator for health information technology. “The SRA tool and its additional resources have been designed to help health care providers conduct a risk assessment to support better security for patient health data.”

“We are pleased to have collaborated with the ONC on this project,” said Susan McAndrew, deputy director of OCR’s Division of Health Information Privacy. “We believe this tool will greatly assist providers in performing a risk assessment to meet their obligations under the HIPAA Security Rule.”

The SRA tool’s website contains a User Guide and Tutorial video to help providers begin using the tool. Videos on risk analysis and contingency planning are available at the website to provide further context.

The tool is available for both Windows operating systems and iOS iPads. Download the Windows version at The iOS iPad version is available from the Apple App Store(search under “HHS SRA tool”).


Michelle :)


Visit to Galesburg, IL

I had the pleasure to visit with some potential agencies last week during an Information Session hosted at KCCDD.  Prior to the Info. Session, I was able to take to quick visit to the birthplace of Carl Sandburg.   Although formal tours were not available at 7 in the morning, I still learned plenty.

IMG_20150609_084437795 (1)



Also, here are a couple of poems I like that were written by Carl Sandburg:

At a Window
Give me hunger,
O you gods that sit and give
The world its orders.
Give me hunger, pain and want,
Shut me out with shame and failure
From your doors of gold and fame,
Give me your shabbiest, weariest hunger!

But leave me a little love,
A voice to speak to me in the day end,
A hand to touch me in the dark room
Breaking the long loneliness.
In the dusk of day-shapes
Blurring the sunset,
One little wandering, western star
Thrust out from the changing shores of shadow.
Let me go to the window,
Watch there the day-shapes of dusk
And wait and know the coming
Of a little love.


Home Thoughts by Carl Sandburg
THE SEA rocks have a green moss.
The pine rocks have red berries.
I have memories of you.

Speak to me of how you miss me.
Tell me the hours go long and slow.

Speak to me of the drag on your heart,
The iron drag of the long days.

I know hours empty as a beggar’s tin cup on a rainy day, empty as a soldier’s sleeve with an arm lost.

Speak to me …


Michelle :)






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Have you checked out Therap’s Training Academy?

If you have not looked into Therap’s Training Academy yet, you definitely should!


  • On demand training from Therap instructors
  • Quizzes to test competency and retention
  • Earn certificates upon completion

Here is a little more information regarding the Training Academy:

How long do courses take to complete?

* The average introductory course may take 10-30 minutes, and advanced courses take longer.

How do I enroll my staff?

* Staff can either enroll themselves by simply clicking on any course to take it. They will be prompted to set up their own account. Or, if you have a Training Manager Account you can setup their accounts from there either manually or via an excel upload. You can view more details about that in our Training Academy Manager course.

How do I enroll as a Training Manager?

*Users with Training Manager Accounts for their agency can do all of that and run great reports on training. To obtain a training manager account you’ll need a provider        administrator at your agency, if not you, to send a request via email will need to include the full names of staff that need manager accounts, their email addresses, and agency provider code.

Therap’s Training Academy is included with your subscription to Therap, so click here for more information and to get started!

Michelle :)



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Call for Presentations for Therap’s 2016 National Conference!

Hello Therapites!

We are offering an opportunity to any Therap user who is interested in presenting either in a seminar/tutorial or panel discussion format. Therap users can also include surveyors, families, state caseworkers or others who are interacting with agencies using Therap. The goal of the conference is to share best practices and innovation in the use of Therap. Attendees and Presenters will have the opportunity to share and collaborate with current, new, and potential users of the system.

Some suggested topics for presentations are:

  • Getting the buy in for Therap at your agency
  • Agency Guidelines for Use – In particular agencies which can share written policy guidelines
  • The transition to paperless
  • Time and Cost Savings
  • Implementing Therap as a state
  • Implementing Therap as a county
  • Working with unified individuals
  • Addressing Quality Assurance Standards
  • Quality of Documentation and Care
  • Dealing with certification and surveyors
  • Working with Families
  • Sharing data between agencies
  • Using Therap Global Library
  • Staff hiring and training issues
  • Interface with other industry systems (College of Direct Support, accounting packages, etc)
  • State specific issues
  • IT, hardware and infrastructure issues
  • Reporting and analysis
  • Using mobile devices
  • Writing policies about electronic documentation
  • Discussions on how your agency uses specific modules

You may submit your presentation proposal dealing with any of the topics listed above or any other area that addresses your experiences with the Therap System.

Your proposal should include the following information:

  1. Contact information for presenters including: names, academic degrees, titles, affiliations, mailing addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses (e-mail correspondence is preferred). Please list only the names of presentation authors who will be speaking at the conference.
  2. Please describe the presentation format. Please be advised that due to time and space limitations, Therap Services, LLC reserves the right to determine the length and format of each session.
  3. Title of your presentation

Abstract/Session Description:

  1. Include a 1 paragraph abstract of the proposed conference presentation.
  2. Provide a concise 1 – 2 sentence session description that may be used in our conference brochure and schedule.

Deadline and Acknowledgment of Submissions:

Please submit your abstract with cover sheet soon to for consideration. Notification of acceptance will be provided via phone or e-mail.

Note: We have an early decision deadline of August 15, 2015. Presenters will receive a complimentary conference registration. Agencies may submit multiple individuals and may receive multiple complimentary registrations.

For more information, please contact us

2016 National Conference Details & Registration

Thank you,
Justin Brockie
Chief Operating Officer
Therap Services, LLC.

Therap’s Chicago Conference a Success!

It was great to see many Illinois and Indiana agencies represented at Therap’s Chicago conference last week.  We had a good mix of new and experienced Therap users, which made our sessions very user driven.  There were lots of great networking opportunities and I hope that everyone got all of their questions answered.  Thanks to our team and our wonderful customers for another great conference!

Michelle :)

Jeff Case in the plenary session on Day 1.

Jeff Case is kicking the conference off with the plenary session!



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You’ve trained HOW MANY people this month?

Calvin has been busy Theraping across the Central states, sharing his knowledge and training many new agencies and employees.  I talked with Calvin this morning at our training for Clarity Care in Wisconsin and he told me that he has trained 1,747 people to use Therap this month alone!  This includes direct care staff, supervisors, managers, nurses, administrators, etc.

This picture shows how important it is to Calvin that each agency has a great experience with learning how to use the Therap system:

3-30-15 (3)



Today, we trained at the Marshfield Library.  We were in the basement, which also had several displays on “The Birds of Wisconsin.”  Here are a few pictures:


100_1523 100_1524 100_1521 100_1522

Michelle :)




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INARF and WALA conferences

I spent the majority of last week between the INARF and WALA Spring Conferences in Indianapolis and the Wisconsin Dells respectively.  This was a great opportunity to visit with our many Therap customers and to connect with some new friends!

Here is some information about INARF from their website:


INARF is the principal membership organization in Indiana representing providers of services to people with disabilities. Our members serve over 50,000 Indiana citizens annually and employ over 14,500 full-time employees. For 40 years, INARF has maintained positive work relationships with governmental agencies responsible for human service programs, promoted networking and professional development opportunities for members, and provided leadership and support in the promotion of quality programs for persons with disabilities. INARF is committed to strengthening the system of services and supports for Hoosiers with disabilities.

VISION: We envision a sustainable network of provider agencies delivering high quality services to support the aspirations of all people with disabilities.

MISSION: We work to influence the disabilities services industry by presenting a unified voice and by building the capabilities of member agencies to deliver quality services and supports.


  • Individuals with disabilities must have timely access to a full range of services and supports.
  • Individuals with disabilities must have a range of options from which to select services and supports.
  • The selection of services and service providers by individuals with disabilities must be driven by consumer choice.


And here is an overview of WALA:


Wisconsin Assisted Living Association’s mission is to support providers in enhancing the best quality of life for residents in assisted living in Wisconsin through advocacy, education, communication, and quality initiatives.


Wisconsin Assisted Living Association’s vision is to be the foremost choice for assisted living providers and supportive partners in Wisconsin.


WALA subscribes to a ten-point philosophy of care. We believe that every provider should be:

  1. Offering cost-effective quality care that is personalized for individual needs
  2. Fostering independence for each resident
  3. Treating each resident with dignity and respect
  4. Promoting the individuality of each resident
  5. Allowing each resident choice of care and lifestyle
  6. Protecting each resident’s right to privacy
  7. Nurturing the spirit of each resident
  8. Involving family and friends, as appropriate, in care planning and implementation
  9. Providing a safe, residential environment
  10. Making the assisted living residence a valuable community asset

Therap appreciates the wonderful relationship we have with both provider associations.  The conferences were well attended and I look forward to attending these great events next year!

Michelle :)

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Last Week in Madison

Jeff Covington and I spent most of last week in the Madison area working with the team at Central Wisconsin Center to get their ISP Programs entered into Therap.  They are quickly approaching their April 1 “Go Live” date with Therap.

Learning how to enter ISP Programs!

Learning how to enter ISP Programs!

Jeff and I were also able to walk around the downtown area with the nice weather we were having. Here are a couple more photographs from our visit:

Overlooking the city of Madison and ice fishing!

City of Madison and ice fishing!

Capitol Building!

Capitol Building!

It was a great week in Madison!

Michelle :)

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Upcoming Information Sessions

Hi Everyone!
I wanted to communicate that I have scheduled several Information Sessions for the following states:  Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin.  If you are looking for a web based electronic documentation system, you have come to the right place!  If you are already a Therap customer, consider forwarding this information to an agency that is ready to see some of the benefits Therap has to offer!

Therap is a web-based electronic documentation system that fulfills your record keeping needs and improves the service-related communication at your agency. You’ll notice an overall increase in the quality of care you provide to persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The Training and Implementation team of Therap also makes sure you have a smooth transition to using our applications and that your front-line workers are comfortable with it.

Therap provides electronic forms for incident reporting, health and medical records, support plans, goal tracking, daily logs, progress notes, incident reporting, Employment History and lots of reports. Other than HIPAA compliance and improved communication, you’ll notice that having an efficient documentation management system also improves surveys and audits! There are also modules for Medicaid billing, staff training/certifications management and more!

3/3/15 10am/1pm CST
4/9/15, 10am/1pm CST

3/5/15 10am/1pm CST
4/15/15, 10am/1pm CST

3/4/15 10am/1pm CST
4/14/15, 10am/1pm CST

3/24/15 10am/2pm EST
4/16/15, 10am/2pm EST

Contact  me, Michelle Saunders,  at to sign up for any Information Session.
(This is an online meeting, and requires no registration fees.)


Michelle :)

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