Time in Decorah, Iowa.

Last week Calvin and I spent time in Decorah, Iowa working with providers in the community.  We thoroughly enjoyed our time with these teams.


Calvin training the FCS front line staff.

Full Circle Services serves over 170 individuals in Northeast Iowa.  They had completed their Therap account prep and we provided the staff training (along with the FCS management team).  GO LIVE was April 1st for the sites & programs in the Decorah area.  Everyone was excited to begin the use of Therap.

FCS was extremely planful with their launch process.  The Decorah team serves 46 individuals.  As they “learn and adapt”, process improvements and adjustments will be made as they bring their Waterloo, IA teams online.  To that end, Calvin and I also trained their management team in that market.

Please welcome Full Circle Service into the Iowa User Community!

I also had the  pleasure of meeting and working with the team at Choice Employment Services.  They began using Therap a year ago, but with all of the changes in the Iowa I/DD landscape, implementation took a back seat to preparation for the Managed Care initiative.  With their prep completed, it is now time to re-launch their Therap platform.

We had a tremendous meeting, reviewed Therap and framed up a re-launch plan.  Choice will be completing their individuals input and ISP Programs.  Once complete, we will proceed with field data collection and looking at the next steps in maximizing their platform.  I am excited to assist them with this process.

Please re-welcome Choice Employment Services to the Iowa User Community!

IMG_20160328_193921453On a personal note…  Decorah is known for it’s local restaurants.  Being a college town and tourist destination, the offering is wide.  I arrived in town in the early evening and was hoping that, on a Monday night, I could find something open other than a fast food joint.  As luck would have it, the Old Armory BBQ was still serving.  Being a BBQ fan, I parked the car and went in.

I know that to get a good night’s rest, you are not to eat a big meal close to bedtime, but I had no idea that the Brisket Platter was going to be this big.  It was so good, I went back on Tuesday for lunch.

Nothing like eating your way through Decorah!

Until next time… Best,


Therap in Iowa – MCO’s & Billing Functionality Update 2.9.2016

Greetings Iowa Therap User Community!

As we wait for CMS to rule as to whether or not the Iowa Medicaid Modernization initiative is a “GO” for March 1st, Heather Thornton, Therap Billing Specialist, has askedMedicaid-Managed-Care-Square that I share the following regarding agency preparation…

In order to process claims via Therap for the Iowa MCO’s, clearinghouse enrollment is required. Therefore, if Iowa providers using Therap’s Billing Plus module want to send me their NPI, EIN and address information for enrollment into the clearinghouse, I can enter that information now. Please send ALL of your NPI numbers.

Send this information to heather.thornton@therapservices.net .

Upon receipt and after I enter this information on your behalf, the agency will have the capability to submit claims to the Iowa MCO’s via Therap.

In order to obtain your ERA (Electronic Remittance Advice) for AmeriHealth, there is a pre-enrollment form that must be completed by the agency. If not done so already, please request this form when you send your NPI, EIN information for Amerihealth to me. I will then send you the form that needs to be completed. In turn, you must complete the form and send it to the listed address for Amerihealth.

As you are aware, IME has stated that they will be paying all Iowa Magellan claims for the service dates starting on and after 1/1/16. To make sure you are able to bill within Therap during this transition time, your funding source listed on the Magellan Service Authorizations will need to be changed to IME.

If you have already generated Iowa Magellan claims, you will need to create a new Service Authorizations for the Iowa Magellan claims and replace the funding source with IME in order for them to be processed.

AGAINplease wait to expire current service authorizations until further notice.

As stated in previous communications, this is all predicated on whether or not CMS approves the Managed Care initiative for Iowa and the new 3/1/16 start date.


Once we have definitive information on the start date for the Iowa Medicaid Modernization initiative, I plan to hold an instructional webinar for Iowa Providers using the Billing Plus module and explain how to move your current Service Authorizations to the new MCO funding sources and other preparation tasks. More information regarding this webinar will be shared when available.

As always, please feel free to contact me (heather.thornton@therapservices.net) if you have any questions specific these changes in the Billing Plus module. We will keep you updated on the progress as we want this to be an easy transition.

SAVE THE DATES! 2016 IA & MN Regional Therap Conferences.

I am pleased to announce the dates for the Iowa and Minnesota Therap Regional Conferences.  Would you be so kind as to note these on your calendar?

IOWA:  June 1-2, 2016 in West Des Moines.   Site: Sheraton West Des Moines Hotel

Click here to register for the Iowa Conference.

MINNESOTA:  August 16-17 in Burnsville.  Site: Best Western Premier – Nicollet Inn

Click here to register for the Minnesota Conference.

Feedback from last year’s IA & MN conferences clearly indicated a desire to have more sessions for the intermediate and advanced Therap Users.  To that end, PLEASE let me know what topics you wish to focus on.  Send your suggestions to jeff.mau@therapservices.net.  I really want to hear from you!

We also seek presentations from our user community!  If you have a topic about your Therap use or how a particular module benefited your agency, please share your experience with fellow providers.  Again, please send your topic and/or presentation outline to jeff.mau@therapservices.net.  Don’t be shy….you’ll be sharing with friends.



Calvin in Des Moines with Candeo


Calvin assisting Candeo staff.

Calvin Christensen has been busy providing training to the staff at Candeo in Johnston, IA (Des Moines).  I have been ‘riding shotgun’ to provide additional support, should the need arise.   When finished on the 18th, Calvin will have provided 22 training sessions on Candeo’s initial modules.

Candeo moved up their GO LIVE date to 12/21 to better align with the end of the training sessions.  Everyone is excited to begin collecting data on Therap this coming Monday.   Staff have told us they believe Therap is easier than the platform they are leaving.  Out with the old and in with the new! 

This has been a great experience for both Calvin and me.  It is clear that a tremendous amount of time and preparation has been made by Candeo for this launch.  They had the smallest of details covered to ensure staff had the tools and information they need, not only for the actual training sessions, but also after the launch.


To learn more about Candeo, please feel free to visit their website:  http://www.candeoiowa.org/

Follow Candeo on Facebook.

Candeo’s Pod SE Takes Trophy!

Candeo’s Pod SE had ISP Programs for 199 individuals to enter into their new Therap CANDEO-IA 2account.  That’s a tall order to complete in 4 weeks and attend to the daily tasks that do not stop and cannot be set aside.

Well, Pod SE accepted the challenge and migrated all of the programs for their population ahead of schedule and have been awarded Candeo’s  Therap Trophy for week 4.  Congrats and outstanding work!!

Nancy S. Baldus, Candeo’s Director of Quality Enhancement, adds, “Congratulations to Candeo!  As of last Thursday we are at 100% of ISP (programs) entered!  That is 5 days ahead of schedule for our 323 clients!

Staff Training begins on December 7th.  GO LIVE is January 1st.


To learn more about Candeo, please feel free to visit their website:  http://www.candeoiowa.org/

Follow Candeo on Facebook.




Candeo’s Pod Babs has the Therap Trophy

It’CANDEO-IA 2s week 3 of Candeo’s ISP Program migration competition.  This week, Pod Babs has attained 100% of their assigned program entry goal.  The agency is well on it’s way to being ready for staff training (starting December 7th) and “GO LIVE!” (1/1/16).

ISP Program migration is not an easy task.  Candeo needed to review their current format, map the information to the Therap format, determine scoring methodologies, generate some ‘test’ programs to prove their theories… then, train the team and begin the process of migration.  For an agency of this size and their compressed timeline… WOW!  Impressive!!

Pod Babs – Great job and way to go!  Enjoy that trophy!!

Please read about the week 1 and week 2 winners here.

To learn more about Candeo, please feel free to visit their website:  http://www.candeoiowa.org/

Follow Candeo on Facebook.




Candeo’s Pod Hodge Podge Earns Honors!

Last week I blogged about Candeo’s Data Entry Traveling Trophy.  If you missed the blog, here’s the high level overview…CANDEO-IA 2

Each service coordinator team (which Candeo references as a “pod”) has a weekly goal for ISP Program migration (from their former platform to Therap).  When all pods reach their mark, they will be fully prepared for staff training starting on December 7th.

This week, the Pod Hodge Podge has won the honor and possession of the  Candeo Therap Trophy.  They have migrated 100% of their ISP Programs.  I am told this is far ahead of the target!  Congrats to Hodge Podge.  Great Job!!

Stay tuned to see which Pod earns the trophy next week.

To learn more about Candeo, please feel free to visit their website:  http://www.candeoiowa.org/

Follow Candeo on Facebook.

Candeo’s Data Entry Traveling Trophy


The Traveling Therap Trophy.

Candeo, a new Therap User Agency in Johnston, Iowa,  is in the throes of implementing Therap.   They selected Therap to be prepared for advent of Managed Care, which coming to Iowa in 2016.  With the goal of having their new process launched on January 1st, the agency began implementation in early August of 2015.

Presently, sites, programs, individuals, enrollments and staff have been entered.  Candeo reports they are ahead of schedule and moving foward with Staff Scheduling Master Schedule builds and ready to really dig into Billing Plus functionality.  They have been “rockin’ it”!!

With the “GO LIVE” date approaching fast, they are busy entering ISP Programs for data collection.  To keep the process fun (and slightly competitive), they have introduced a “traveling trophy” to mark progress.

Each service coordinator team (which Candeo references as a “pod”) has a weekly goal for ISP Program migration (from their former platform to Therap).  When all pods reach their mark, they will be fully prepared for staff training starting on December 7th.

This week, the Pod Lamb Chop has won the honor and possession of the  Candeo Therap Trophy!

To learn more about Candeo, please feel free to visit their website:  http://www.candeoiowa.org/

Follow Candeo on Facebook.


Minnesota Therap Conference, Aug. 18-19


Minnesota Therap Users… time is running short to take advantage of the “Early Bird” discount when registering for the Minnesota Therap Conference.

This year’s location is the BEST WESTERN PREMIER Nicollet Inn14201 Nicollet Ave S., in Burnsville.  According to Google Reviews, 4.7  of 5 Stars.  The venue looks to be fantastic!

I’ve been attending these conferences while at my previous agency assignment and in my new role with the company.  One would think that I may have “heard it all”… but, I must say… I learn something new at each of these events.  Please, don’t look at the preliminary schedule and think, “Hmmmm, I know all of this stuff” and choose not to attend.  There’s always something to learn.

In June, I attended the Nebraska Therap Conference in Omaha.  The exchange of information between providers was impressive.

I was involved in the eMAR discussion.  As it turned out, most of the users in the room use the MAR modules.  After the overview, the floor was opened up for questions and the following was quickly asked by a newer user agency, “How do you do your schedule 2 med counts in Therap?

Within 5 minutes, several methods were being discussed.  All viable.  All were met with nodding heads and follow-up questions.  People walked away saying, “I’m going to try their method.  I thought ours was the only way to do that.”  Moreover, the dialogue nearly spilled over into the next session.  People needed to take a seat or go to where the were planning.

If you cannot attend, send others from your agency!  Send your direct support staff.  Send your finance team.  Provide your organization the opportunity to expand the collective knowledge base, especially with a tool that is used daily to gather data that can, arguably, be vital to your operation.

DO YOU HAVE  A FAVORITE THERAP MODULE?   Why not present at the conference?  You are the expert.  You use the platform each and every day in the Great State of Minnesota.  SHARE your experiences.  Please contact me directly if you would like to do so.

See you soon!

Jeff Mau


Hello from Missouri!

Hello, everyone!

I wanted to introduce myself as one of the newest members of Therap’s customer support team. My name is Sarah and I live in St. Louis, MO. I started with Therap a little over a month ago and have been loving it so far. It’s been great getting to share my knowledge of the system with providers and soaking up all the information I can from our wonderful Therap team members and users.

I’ve had the pleasure of attending and presenting at two conferences so far. This week we had our regional conference in Kansas City, MO. We had folks in attendance from several states including Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, and Iowa. It is extremely cool to see so many folks sharing their knowledge of the system and learning new and valuable uses for our software. If you haven’t attended a Therap conference yet, I’d highly recommend it!

Central region director Jeff Case giving a speech in a conference room to 100-plus Therap users.

Jeff Case was excited to share the details of our new release with everyone at the KC conference, making sure all are prepared for the transition to individual-based caseloads. We had over 100 people in attendance.

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